Skin-pocalypse: Defend Yourself Against a Tired, Dull, Exhausted Face

So, if you read my last post, you're well aware that I'm preggo. I'm 28 weeks at this point and my lungs and stomach are crushed so far up my torso, it's amazing I can eat or breathe.

Oh, the joys of pregnancy.

And along with the squashing of internal organs, the magical belly-button-disappearing act, odd weight gain, swollen digits, and an indescribable and vicious hunger for everything sweet, salty, carby, and comforting...along with all that magic, there's also my skin.

Some women glow all throughout their pregnancy. Me? Not so much. The first trimester, people said I was glowing...a healthy glow. Translation: a puffy, oily face. Potato, potato...(as in PO-TAY-TOE, PO-TAH-TOE...I realize that phrase is totally useless when written out.)

I was breaking out along my chin (hormone breakouts are the best, right?) and was generally looking pretty rough. I think the constant nausea and exhaustion was really doing a number on didn't help that I was traveling a bunch either. So, on top of just feeling crappy, I was also wringing all the moisture out of my skin at least twice a month, sometimes four times, with that lovely recycled airplane air. I basically was oily beef jerky...while somehow also being swollen. Not sure how I managed that.

Luckily, as the 2nd trimester came along, my skin began to behave a little more and as I enter my third trimester, my skin has settled down...BUT it's all relative. "Settled" for pregnant Nami. I'm still really tired. I long for the days when I could spring up a flight of stairs, carry heavy objects with vigor, and tie my shoes without having to take a breather between putting the shoe on and actually tying it.

So, yes, Nami looked exhausted...but then the cure came to me recently in a small, delicately-packaged box. It was Tatcha's newest products: the Overnight Memory Serum Concentrate and the Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum.

I swear to you, I squealed with joy when I opened the box. You know I'm a lover of Tatcha already. (If not, you can read aaaaaall of my Tatcha musings here.)

But, of course, I only write super-truthful reviews, so I needed to give it a test run. I've been using the duo for the last week in the evenings and all I can say is "OMG, MIRACLE PRODUCTS! GEISHA TECHNOLOGY STRIKES AGAIN!" I'm not even kidding. These products did the trick after just one night, but I thought it was too soon and gave myself a few more days with it.

After applying both to my face the first night, I woke up glowing. Literally glowing...I looked like I had magical fairy skin. It's how I imagined "pregnancy glow" to really be. Almost like you're lit up from the inside. AND not only was I glowing, but my skin was insanely soft. Now, to be fair, thanks to Tatcha my skin has always been pretty silky...but this was next level. Even husband Charles was astonished when I made him feel my cheek. I spent all week trying not to touch my face (because, hello, pimples. NoThankYou.) Also, I swear my pores look smaller!

So, what's their deal?

Overnight Memory Serum Concentrate

Get it here.
The Overnight Memory Serum Concentrate is an ultra-concentrated formula of Okinawa Red Algae (holler at my peeps in Japan), wild thyme, ginseng, squalane and sweet marjoram. Must be the perfect mix because it will give you luscious face-ness. As a sidenote, it also has the most interesting texture. When you scoop it out using the adorable, golden spoon it comes with, you realize it has the texture of jelly. If you tap the jar, you can see the surface jiggle.

I was weirded out initially and wondered how it would take when I applied it (and was also terrified that the jelly would slide off my fingertip - apply quickly, friends), but it melted right into my skin and spread easily. A little goes a long way. A tiny scoop will cover your whole face and your neck. Just spread quickly because your face will be all "I WANT TO EAT IT ALL UP IMMEDIATELY." My face sucked it up like it was the driest sponge that ever existed.

Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum

Get it here.
The Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum is an eye serum combining Okinawa Red Algae (holler again at my peeps), honeysuckle leaf and caffeine. It's surprisingly lightweight for an eye treatment. I'm used to thicker creams that douse the skin around your eyes in moisture, but despite it's silky consistency it delivers.

I squeeze out a bit and dot it along my under eyes. From there, I use the cooling ceramic applicator to smooth the serum out. The application is the white part above - don't let the photo fool you. It's not plastic. It gloriously cold ceramic and the extra cooling really helps pull your under-eye skin together.

I've even noticed that the annoying wrinkle I was developing by my left eye (because now I'm supposed to always sleep on my left side because...pregnant) isn't there in the morning. Not only that, but my eyes are bagless and even refreshed-looking despite my lesser quality of sleep in the last few weeks. (Thanks, third trimester.)

The Verdict

I've been asked several times this past week during Skype video meetings "is the lighting in your office just really good or is your skin glowing?" And, no, the lighting in my office isn't good. It's actually pretty crappy.

People, my skin hasn't looked tired, ruddy, or exhausted since I've started using this duo despite lots of work, lots of chores, and tons of nesting (so much organizing and lifting and dust and neuroses!) And, really, I owe it all to these two miracle products.

I've even caught myself admiring my own skin at random times all week. I've finally unlocked the Pregnancy Glow Achievement...except it took more than being pregnant.

To be candid, these products are not cheap by any means, but they are incredibly effective and, as I get older, I realize that having great skin is one of the essential accessories. It's like a great haircut or hair color. You just can't skimp on it. Great skin will make even the most basic outfit look 1000 times better.

Good skin is a great thing to invest in, folks.

Big thanks to Tatcha for making my skin fantasies come true!
Hope you all get a chance to give these products a try! xo!

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