Sunday Styles no. 75

So, sadly, today isn't going to be a particularly relaxing Sunday for me. I'm hoppin' on a plane again to head back east for work and am trying to mentally prepare myself for the freezing temps, snow, sleet, wind, and darkness that await me.

The exciting part of it all? This is my first flight ever in sweatpants.

In fact, the last time I wore sweatpants in public was probably when I was in elementary school. The most casual I've ever gone with my lower half in public since then is leggings and even those are rare these days, usually worn only when heading to get a pedicure or to the gym for a run on a chilly morning.

But here's the thing. I decided I needed a pair for the cooler mornings since my cotton PJs weren't really keeping me as insulated and cozy as I was hoping they would. It wasn't really a major priority, but I was passing a Uniqlo last weekend and happened upon a pair of sweats that didn't make me groan. Nope, these were tapered, thick, cozy, but far from lacking shape and style...and no weird phrases on the butt. (Don't even get me started on those.) A little bit Yohji Yamamoto, a little drop-crotchy in the best short, a pair I could try. (AND affordable! Win.)

After wearing them as PJs for a week, I realized that these would be the perfect thing to wear on a plane. (And what luck! I have two bi-coastal trips scheduled in the next month.) So, cut to me picking up another pair yesterday and giving it a go today. This is my big adventure today, folks. My very first flight in sweatpants. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but after taking the phrase "sweatpants are a sign of defeat" to heart for quite some time (thanks for that quote, Mr. Lagerfeld), I decided "to hell with it." It's a big deal for me, ok?

It's not like I'm trying to impress anyone on a flight and, to be honest, I need to be as comfortable as possible so I can try to get some sleep and rest. I'm fearing jetlag and insomnia when I get in and I have to be bright-eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow morning at the office.

So, wish me luck. I have a feeling this might be the best flight I've ever taken. Alright. Off I go!
Hope you're all having a wonderful, relaxing Sunday!

A Note About the Clothes: American Apparel Unisex Oversized Fisherman Turtleneck (Medium Heather Grey), Uniqlo Womens Sweat Pants (Black), Dr. Marten Pascal Boots, Madewell Transport Tote (True Black), Zara Parka (no longer available)


  1. Safe and cozy travels, Nami! ♡

    PS: Rock those sweats, girl! -insert hand praising emoji here-

    1. Thanks, my love!
      You'd think I'd be used to flying by now after doing it at least once a month, but it never gets easier. D:

      P.S. The sweats were a total win!!!