Sunday Styles no. 76

Fashion Week is on the horizon, folks. You know what that means? I go missing for about 10 days and work crazy hours. (I get the flu after almost every season, but I'm hoping to avoid that this time.) This would also explain why I didn't get a chance to post this past week. (Was in NYC for work...go back Thursday...back on a plane to NYC on Wednesday - oy.)

Meanwhile, my goal this season is to pack as little as possible but still look good. I just don't have the patience to pack a billion things. (I've broken off enough luggage handles at this point...I'd like to avoid that happening again.)


Sunday Styles no. 75

So, sadly, today isn't going to be a particularly relaxing Sunday for me. I'm hoppin' on a plane again to head back east for work and am trying to mentally prepare myself for the freezing temps, snow, sleet, wind, and darkness that await me.

The exciting part of it all? This is my first flight ever in sweatpants.