Relatable Resolutions

Oh, hey! Happy New Year!

So, you may have noticed that I was completely MIA for the last month. Well, there's good reason for it. What might that reason be? Well, I'm working on my resolutions for the New Year.

I'm not going to pretend that you're interested in my more personal resolutions that might be completely unrelatable (a.k.a "stop buying so many shoes" and "you need to go see someone about this sweater obsession of yours"), but I do want to share my small list of resolutions that we can all relate to. Perhaps I'll touch on something you may have forgotten about and we can work on being better in 2015 together.

So, without further ado, here are my top 5 relatable resolutions...

1. Be Present

It's no secret that we're all busy. Whether you're consumed with your occupation, stressing over being a good parent, too neurotic to not tend to your forever-growing to-do list, you need to step back and see what's happening right in front of you, right now.

If you're so caught up in what has to be done or what's going on tomorrow or next month or where your life will be next year, you're going to miss all the beautiful things and experiences that are happening at this very minute.

Enjoy laughter with friends and loved ones, spending time with your child or your spouse, a quiet morning before work with a good cup of coffee (reference any number of coffee and/or coffee creamer commercials here)...

Also, I assure you that things are more beautiful when experiencing them head-on as opposed to through your phone's camera, so put it down. Stop stressing about hashtagging something correctly, choosing the proper filter to make you look like you've had more than 4 hours of sleep, or asking people at dinner what their handle is so you can properly tag them.

Stop it. Leave the phone at home and have a good conversation...even if that means you won't have access to the Internet when one of you has a question that no one knows the answer to. Trust me, you'll all live and have wonderful memories that don't need to be permanently recorded online.

2. Be Timeless, Not Trending

I'm getting better at this, but I still need to completely stop getting carried away with trends. I work in youth marketing...I live and breathe trends 10 hours a day, but that doesn't mean that I need to carry that into my every day life. Whether it's a hair color, acid-washed denim, a new word born from social media, or flatforms (which I will never be ok with), if it doesn't work for you, it's time to be honest with yourself.

I'm not against having fun, but I'm also not into throwing away money or self-respect (I'm referring to trending phrases and words that make my brain seize up) just to fit in. If there's anything I've learned over the years, it's that timelessness stands strong against the blustering winds of pop culture.

Hey, why not figure out your own signature style this year?

3. Read More, Troll Less

Books. Remember those things? I've been reading more of them recently, which would be one of the reasons I went MIA for a while. I've spent any of my free time escaping into dramatic modern day relationships in LA (Landline was an easy, fun read) and emotionally moving (I cried) tales of youth during World War II (All the Lights We Cannot See was brilliant and dazzling and some of the most luxurious writing I've ever read...and you need to read it immediately.) I'm currently taking on The Goldfinch.

Though I love photos of cats and videos of puppies napping with babies, top 10 lists about the 90's, and lazily scrolling down my various newsfeeds to see who's doing what, they don't provide my imagination with the exercise it needs and my soul a warm, comfortable place to perch.

It's also because I live in LA where commuting is mostly spent in the car and affords little time to read (which is where I did the bulk of my reading back when I lived in NYC.) So, now I just need to make more of an effort, which I've been doing and enjoying wholeheartedly.

4. I'm Sorry and Thank You

Two of the most powerful, equalizing phrases in the history of mankind.

It's not that I don't have a hard time using these phrases, but this is more of a reminder to keep using them. There's not much to say about this except:
  • Learn to admit when you are wrong and apologize. I find it almost embarrassing for people when they can't take ownership of their mistakes. It's better to apologize and let people know you are aware of your actions than to try to sweep it under the rug. You're not fooling anyone...everyone can see that big pile of mistake under the carpet.
  • Appreciate what people do. Anything from opening a door to hitting a deadline to even coming to talk to you about something despite possibly being afraid. Nice things that people do for you or because they consider your feelings aren't always mandatory, so make sure they know you've noticed.

5. Work Hard, Rest Hard

This is why I haven't updated in a while. Well, this and the earlier resolution about reading more. I've been really trying to spend a lot of my free time just hanging out with my husband and my dog. While back east for work (which took up a lot of my holiday and post-holiday time), I've been focusing on spending time with my family.

I've been working hard, but instead of spiraling out of control after work and forcing myself to do more work or try to get through an impossible list of to-do's, I've been trying to unplug. As proof of this, we recently bought a roomba to cut down on my vacuuming time, I've been (gasp) working out less (now only during the week and not on weekends), and I've blazed through 2 books in the last month (which is record speed compared to how I was doing before.)

If I can keep up this behavior, maybe I'll learn to relax a little more. I'll need it since we have plans for 2015 (cough, cough, baby, cough, cough), but I can elaborate more on that later.

So, what are your resolutions this year?


  1. LOL...Love these..yeah I'm commenting because you made me feel slight tingles for just trolling..

    1. Thanks for reading, Amy!
      Seriously, it's a relief when I find out that I'm not just writing things into a void.
      As for the tingles...That's awesome.

      Hope your 2015 is going well! (I need to keep reminding myself about these resolutions because I'm falling behind on a few already. Oy.)