Sunday Styles no. 70

Hooray for gloomy days! Finally! FINALLY! A cool, cozy, gloomy day...the kind of day that says, "if you want to do nothing today...if you want to sit on the couch and binge watch old movies and shovel leftovers in your face until the day is done...that's cool, man. Go for it."

Maybe it's because I used to live on the east coast, but whenever it's sunny, I feel a duty to go out and enjoy the weather. Loafing around is out of the question...sun and vitamin D is something that cannot be wasted! I'm not sure where that came from, but that's how I've been programmed...and considering Los Angeles has sunny days almost every single day, it has a tendency of keeping me out of the house and busy.

Have a good book? Well, it's sunny outside, so I better find a nice outdoor cafe or field where I can read it.

Catching up with a friend? Tea at the apartment is out of the question. Time to go sit outside somewhere and sip lattes for a few hours.

Have a movie I'm dying to watch? Well, it's sunny outside, so better go run around while it's light out and save the movie for after it gets dark.

To be honest, it can get pretty tiring. I'm always overcome with a great sense of guilt when it's beautiful outside and I'm sitting at if I need to enjoy the sun not just for myself...but for every one of my friends and family who are suffering the relentless gloom and frigid temperatures of the east coast.

...but today! Today is different! Today is overcast. It's grey...I got to lovingly ponder dark cloud formations while staring out the window during my morning run. I had to turn my living room lights on earlier today because it was too dark to do anything even with all the curtains open. It's the type of day that screams "Relax! Cuddle with the ones you love! Eat carbs!"

So, in honor of that, today I'm going for coziness. An oversized turtleneck, skirt, and comfy shoes. A perfect I-might-take-a-walk-I-might-stay-in-I-might-make-soup-I-might-bake-something-or-maybe-take-a-nap kind of outfit.

On this last day of the Thanksgiving weekend, I couldn't have asked for more. So, cheers to gloomy, grey days. Hope you cozy up and have some intense relaxation time! xo!

A Note About the Clothes: American Apparel Unisex Oversized Fisherman Turtleneck (Medium Heather Grey), Zara Coated Pleated Skirt (no longer available), Alexander Wang Kori Cutout-Heel Ankle Boots, Vintage Coach Crossbody Bag

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