Sunday Styles no. 69

I'll be brief today. Here's the deal...

I was on a business trip all this past week and was all psyched to get a free upgrade on my flight back yesterday. (More legroom and free food and entertainment? Count me in!)

Alas, I ended up with an old woman who was rather gracious and sweet, but had to sit diagonally with her leg outstretched (impeding on my legroom completely) to my right, another woman who liked to order endless snacks and eat them enthusiastically causing a steady stream of various chip, pretzel, and cracker bits to pelt me from my left side, and a rather enthusiastic child who loved to sing, slam his tray table open and closed, kicked the seat and let out sounds that he would repeat for many, many minutes on end...with a mother who was apparently not very into discipline...behind me.

In short, my flight was not very pleasant. Despite turning off the air vent above me, there was a mystery stream of drying plane air blasting me in the face, a healthy dose of turbulence, and work that I needed to get done.

So, by the time I stepped off the plane, I was a mess. Nauseous, a bit feverish, with aching sinuses. My body was one big knot and I had the world's darkest circles under my eyes.

I spent the rest of the night in my pajamas, on the couch, recovering.

Today, I'm still not at 100%. I'm not feeling all that sunshiny though I appreciate that it's warmer in LA. (It was in the 20's at a few points in NY last week. Also known as misery.) I'm toting around my coat today despite the 75 degree weather because I can't shake the occasional chill I'm still getting, but I'm hoping that some major cuddling with Merlin and Charles will make things better.

Anyway, enough about my whining. At least I don't have the flu. (Which reminds me, I need to go get my flu shot. Have you gotten yours yet?) Today's outfit is basic and comfy. Jeans, sweater, Docs. Can't beat that. Man, these Docs. I love them so much. Alright. Enough. Back to doing nothing.

Hope you're all having a better Sunday than I am. xo!

A Note About the Clothes: All Saints Zavi Sweater (no longer available), Madewell Jeans (here are the closest I could find), All Saints Sentai Klein Coat (Charcoal), Dr. Marten Pascal Boots, Vintage Coach Crossbody (not available)

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