Sunday Styles no. 68

Hello from crisp Los Angeles! That's right, everyone. The temperatures have finally come down again and despite it still being warm in the sun, the shorter days and shade are filled with a newfound chill that I'm obsessing over.

Of course, being a sweaterphile (Charles coined this term last week after I blacked out and purchased two more sweaters online because that's what always happens...I come to and suddenly have a receipt in my inbox thanking me for my order for X number of sweaters), I'm pulling out a new favorite today. This J. Crew sweater is everything to me right now. The dolman sleeves cropped above my wrists with a boxy, wide cut and cropped length spells L-O-V-E. The mock turtle neckline is just right (which is almost never the case) and it's wool without being itchy. It's cozy, but roomy and comfy. Kinda like a light blanket with sleeves. Bonus: My dog loves cuddling extra hard with me when I'm wearing it.

Pair it with a trusted pair of cropped skinny jeans, my new coat obsession (which I'll find any excuse to wear) and one other new love...

So, there's this thing I really enjoy doing when the transitional seasons hit. It's mixing summery things with wintery things for some fun proportion play and juxtaposition. Like wearing shorts and a's that thing that you see in editorial photo shoots that you think is completely unrealistic. However, in spring and fall, you can totally pull it off.

And since LA winters are basically just long autumns, today I'm celebrating with these platform sandals I snagged several weeks back that I haven't worn since wearing them all day my first day in London and kind of destroying my feet. (Don't worry. My feet are fine.) Now, I don't want to false advertise. These platform sandals are actually the most comfortable I've ever worn. I walked about 25,000 steps (according to my Fitbit) the day I wore them in London and my feet didn't actually start bothering me till around dinner time. So, these were a complete and utter win.

So, this is today's outfit. A little summer, a little winter, a lot of fall. Coats, sweaters, skinnies and sandals. Now, off to soak in all the sun we can, get caffeinated, maybe do some window shopping and fit in a movie.

Hope you're all having a fantastic Sunday! xo!

A Note About the Clothes: J. Crew Dolman Sweater with Rib Trim (Heather Graphite), A Gold E "Colette" Skinny Jeans (Dark Knights), Zara Leather Platform High Heeled Sandal, All Saints Sentai Klein Coat (Charcoal), Vintage Coach Crossbody

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