Sunday Styles no. 66

Well, hi again! For once, my MIA-status has a great excuse. I've returned from an amazing trip to the UK and a week of fighting off some sort of illness along with playing nurse to a sick husband. (Charles is finally feeling better, by the way...Me? Still fighting things off.)

So, here we are. A week from when I returned from the UK, heartbroken and wishing we could just live there. The cold, crisp, dampness of the UK was a really nice change from the dry, sunny, heatwaves of Los Angeles. (Yes, every Brit I said this too basically looked at me like I had murdered 100 babies.)

See, it's not just that I like cool, crisp weather and a little dampness in general. My body loves it too. My cheeks are rosy, my hair gets a little wild, and I feel healthier. (It could have also been all the tea and scones...which definitely make me feel better.) You know what else cool, crisp weather gives me? It gives me a chance to actually wear clothing I love.

I can layer. (Layering is HUGE. Fall clothing is the best.) I can wear coats and scarves and hats because they're functional in cool weather. In LA, 9 months out of the year you put on a sweater in the morning and by 10am you're sweating through it because the sun is so strong. (And yet, the shade is cool because of a total lack of conundrum!)

But I'm digressing...what I'm trying to get at is that I love cool-weather dressing. (NOT freezing-weather dressing, mind you...I could live without anything below 40 degrees.) I love sweaters and pants and boots and coats.  I love hats and scarves and drinking hot drinks out of paper cups to keep my hands warm while strolling through autumnal foliage. London was perfect in that way (and I'll post more on my actual trip later this week.)

The good news is that in the last two days, Los Angeles has finally decided it's fall. (Rejoice!!!) The temps have been dropping and it even rained the evening of Halloween (which hasn't happened in months...I'm sure everyone thought the sky was broken for a second.) The days are sadly shorter, but the cool weather is still mixed with sunshine, so it's perfect and we aren't lacking our vitamin D.

Which is why it's the opportunity to wear layers.

Naturally, today's Sunday Styles is a love letter to the beginnings of layering weather with a super easy look that anyone can pull off. Black pants, a white button-down, loafers, and an overcoat. (I would've worn my favorite black hat, but my bun was too high. Womp.)

Looks like these are all about comfort and tailoring. I love harem pants and loose-fitting slacks, but a super-skinny, high-rise pair of jeans is a great go-to for those days when you don't feel like figuring out the geometry of which top goes with your drop-crotch pants. These Madewell jeans in particular are phenomenal...and make my backside look pretty great too. (Husband's words. Not mine!)

A white button-down, stuffed in, always creates a flattering silhouette, but I like wearing my shirts untucked too if I get lazy. Hey, it's Sunday...and lazy can be sexy with a white button-down.

Throw a big, boxy menswear-inspired coat on for a little proportion play and a pair of simple loafers for a look that is the central slice in the venn diagram of a hassidic male (I'm really into their style, by the way), a gallery owner, Michael and Boy George. (This also sounds like a really interesting dinner party that never happened...but should have.) Add red lipstick for added drama.

Important Sidenote: Have you checked out Ines de La Fressange's collab with Uniqlo yet? One word: Fantastic. I picked up two of these white button-downs yesterday and am completely in love with them. They're soft without feeling too drapey, substantial without feeling bulky, with perfect little details to keep it interesting without losing its timelessness. And they're wildly affordable!

I suggest you go take a look at your nearest store when you get a chance. I saw some really cute coats, skirts, and pants too.

And, as always, a quick shoutout to All Saints because every few years I get another winter coat from them and this one is one of my all-time favorites thus far. I can't get over how lux it feels, how menswear-inspired it is, and how comfy it is. The perfect coat to layer under when I go back to the east coast for the holidays.

So, that's it for today, folks. I need to take it easy. I woke up at 5am this morning because I forgot about daylight savings and am still a little jetlagged. I shouldn't have pushed myself to run this morning, but I'm a creature of habit, so now it's time to relax. Charles and I are off to the Huntington Library to go sit on a blanket, read, and soak up some rays.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday! xx!

A Note About the Clothing: Ines de La Fressange x UNIQLO Cotton Long Sleeve Shirt (White), Madewell High Riser Skinny Skinny Jeans (Lunar), Burberry Patent Leather Loafers, All Saints Sentai Klein Coat (Charcoal), Madewell Transport Tote (True Black)

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