I'm Enthusiastic About: Vintage Coach

I have this aesthetic preference that makes shopping a little difficult when it comes to accessories. This especially rings true when it comes to bags. Maybe you're in my camp and, if so, you can sympathize. I'm talking about a complete lack of logos and/or branding.

I like my clothes and my accessories to be anonymous aside from an occasional characteristic that is inexorably linked to a particular designer or brand...but might not be known to a casual passerby. I'm still getting over the time I was stopped at the supermarket by a man in a Simpsons t-shirt who shimmied up next to me in the checkout line to tell me he really loved my Alexander Wang shoes. The shoes themselves are just nicely shaped with a heel detail that is linked to Wang.

I felt like Simpsons t-shirt guy and I had a strong bond for those two minutes. He made a jab at himself and his t-shirt and I told him how I loved the Simpsons and grew up watching the show...but, of course, that bond lasted as long as the last item was scanned and bagged. I gave him an appreciative smile as he trailed off about shoes and investment pieces and things being worth their price as I left.

But I'm digressing (surprise...except not a surprise) when what I really want to talk about is my recently reignited love of vintage Coach bags.

It all started like this* (I'm going into third person mode now):
One day, Nami was doing inventory of her closet, ever-shaving away at it, forever working towards making it the most timeless and utilitarian collection of items possible, and realized that she was missing a staple piece that would help round out her bag collection: A small, black, leather crossbody bag. 
"How could I have forgotten such a distinctly necessary item?!" She exclaimed to herself while pacing her room and shaking her head. 
After this revelation, she spent many days and nights scanning various designer deal sites and popping into many a store and shop, from mainstream department stores to small, local spots and she kept running into the same problem over and over again.
"Whenever the bag is perfect, it costs too much! And whenever the price is right, there's a logo emblazoned on it somewhere that I can't hide!" She lamented to her husband one evening.
"If only I could find a black bag that's exactly the same as that caramel-colored vintage Coach bag I got 3 years ago," She sighed.
*This is a Dramatization 
I'm not exactly sure how it took me so long to put two and two together, but I realized that this epic vintage caramel-colored crossbody Coach bag that I had found one afternoon while I was strolling through Los Feliz in a shop called Meowdy (yep, that's really the name), held the key to me finding my perfect black bag.

See, I had forgotten about that little ol' site that holds so much promise, so many hidden treasures: Etsy. So, one afternoon, I hopped on there and searched "Vintage Coach Bag" and what came up? AN AVALANCHE OF AMAZING BAGS MADE OF BEAUTIFUL LEATHER WITH SUPERB CONSTRUCTION AND (get this) NO LOGOS OR BRANDING. (Sorry about the yelling, but I wanted to convey just how exciting this discovery was.)

And the best part? It took me about 1 minute to find the black version of the caramel-colored bag I so completely adored. And the price? It was so right. I ordered it at the beginning of the week and received it by Friday. I tore the box open and immediately took it out to dinner.

I've been using it ever since whenever I don't need to carry my laptop. Ugh. I can't even express my love for this thing.

The moral of the story? If you're a non-branding enthusiast like me...If you prefer your closet to not give away where you shop...If you love high quality, good prices, a taste of heritage and are looking for a new bag in your life...

Then go. GO! Go check out vintage Coach bags on Etsy. (And if you live in LA, my dear friend Laura informed me that the Rosebowl Flea Market has piles of them for incredibly cheap.) Happy non-branded shopping! xo!

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