Hello, Lob

Lob. It's a weird hair terms, right? In our never-ending quest to save time by combining words, we've come up with some real keepers: Brangelina, Hombré (male ombré, if you weren't aware), Kimye, BRUNCH (the best one to date), and sometime in the last 5 years or so...the lob.

But enough about word combos. What I'm really getting at is I got myself a lobby-lob of my very own and a little colory-color (that one didn't work as well, did it) to take me into the cooler months. Despite initial shock, I gotta say that I'm digging' on the new look. (Not sure if you really noticed the change in my UK post. Most of the photos were pretty zoomed out or my hair was pulled back.)

I'll be honest. Part of me wanted to hold on to the eternally summery LA blonde, but I let my hairstylist Charles Fox have his way with me, which always works out for the better. He took me from a buttery, light, long-haired blonde with black roots to an ashy, lob-haired blonde with brown roots...though the change is subtle, it's impactful. I feel like I went from straight-up, fun-loving, Cali styling to business-first, secretly-fun, and might-be-up-to-something, Frenchie styling. He gave me the color and cut equivalent to a wink and a nudge...or an asterisk that leads to something surprising.*

So, what are the pros and cons of the lob?


  • Your hair is still long enough to pull back
  • Wearing it straight doesn't make you feel like a cross between Rapunzel, Lady Godiva, and Lady Gaga (not that there's anything wrong with that...but it kept getting in the way.)
  • No more fear of getting it caught in random devices and being inconveniently scalped in public (No one needs public scalping. See also: gross.)
  • If you're bleached, your hair no longer becomes one big lump of mush after it gets wet
  • Welcome back to the land of hair that moves without the gratuitous use of fans, unnatural head movements, or stomp-strutting
  • Blunt ends look bold and modern
  • Curl it for a beachy boho bob whenever you start missing the carefree-ness of your previous summertime style
  • You can actually achieve the "I Woke Up Like This" hair by...waking up like this with relative ease. (Convenient.)
  • Trims = Healthier, Happier Hair


  • Topknots and high buns are more challenging and require lots of bobby pins and teasing
  • Intricate braiding becomes more difficult because you have less to work with That's all I could think of for cons. And it's not one of those styles where you say "Oh, it won't go with my face shape." There's definitely a version of a lob for everyone...and, let's face it (wow, where did that pun come from), a lob is still pretty long. I had a short, boyish cut for a large part of my adult life, so a lob is "long hair" in my eyes. Trust me. It's not that scary and it's damn refreshing.

And while we're on the subject of hair, can we talk about roots-on-purpose? (In true save-time fashion, I'm going to start calling them ROOPS.) I LOVE ROOPS. Especially for us no-way-you-would-actually-have-blonde-hair gals. I'm Japanese, folks. No matter how much sun I absorb, my hair will never turn blonde...and when I'm blonde to the roots, it looks like I'm wearing a, I go with the roops.

True, the process is a bit more intricate, (think LOTS of foiling, a very patient hairstylist - shoutout to Charles Fox again - and probably around 4 to 6 hours of your day) but the results are rock n' roll. Not only that, but when your roots do start to grow out, you don't get a hard line which can look really wacky. Instead you just get a blended transition a la Kate Moss. In short, you can't lose and you don't have to go running back to your salon every 6 weeks.

With roops, I'm more of an every-3-months kind of color person which is just peachy for my time management and my wallet.

In short, a lob and some fresh color is the perfect way to head into autumn and winter. The cut is pretty noncommittal. The color, well, that's a different story, but change is good and always fun. So, what are you cold-weather hair plans? xx!

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