Sunday Styles no. 65

Well, no crisis today, folks...oh, wait...except that it's still in the 90's here in LA. As if having a drought wasn't bad enough, autumn has also been stolen from us like so many fuzzy bunnies being gifted and then un-gifted to a 5 year old child. The mornings are still magical the 70's, a tad humid, with a comforting chill in the air...but that very quickly dissipates and in its place is a plague of heat.

It's the type of heat and sun that instantaneously demolishes your will to do anything outside for more than 2 minutes...and if you do do something for more than 2 minutes (say, walk your dog down the street and back), you'll end up half passed out on your couch for the rest of the afternoon, in and out of sleep, only scraping together enough energy to test just how cold you can get your AC while praying that there won't be a blackout.

I've been staring at all my favorite sweaters for weeks now, lamenting the lack of opportunity to wear them and have found myself looking forward to my business trips back east just so I can walk a block without wanting to take my clothes off and curl up in a meat locker.

So, being someone that's not a huge fan of skirts and dresses (sorry, husband) and likes loose-fitting clothing (especially on a Sunday), I've gone ahead and abandoned my monochrome aesthetic today to don a jumpsuit. An olive drab, don't-have-to-wear-a-bra, drawstring-waist-makes-easy-allowance-of-large-brunch, I-have-so-many-pockets-I-don't-even-need-my-bag, no-need-to-think-about-a-top-and-a-bottom-because-this-is-just-one-piece-of-clothing-hurray jumpsuit.

I got this in preparation for my trip to Miami back in July (and it worked like a charm there) not thinking that I would need it very much in LA, but here we are on a lazy, scorching Sunday IN OCTOBER and this bad boy is just what I need in order to remain even semi-functional today.

And with that, I must be off to get all my errands done. It's back to NYC again tomorrow, so I have some packing to do...but in more exciting news, Charles and I will be off to the UK at the end of the month. More on that later. For now, I have to concentrate on not dying of heat stroke. Wish me luck.

Hope you're all having a relaxing, non-scorching Sunday! xo!

A Note About the Clothing: Free People Jumpsuit, Ancient Green Sandals Thalia Sandal (Black), Oliver Peoples Colline Sunglasses (Beige)

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