I'm Enthusiastic About: Affordable Wedding Guest Attire

Hey, guys. Sorry I went MIA again last week. It's the usual excuse: Business Trip. I wish I was blogging full time, but such isn't the case. I gotta pay my mortgage somehow, right?

Here's the good news though. I come bearing useful information because, if you're even remotely in my age range, you probably have several friends who are getting married or are engaged and you're waiting to get another invitation in the mail.

With this comes the conundrum of trying to figure out what to wear to a wedding...and how to not blow tons of money doing it...while simultaneously making smart purchases that are of decent quality so as not to feel like you wasted money. We've all purchased a cheap dress that basically disintegrated  after one night of's time we stop doing that. We're all adults here, right? (As I turn off my PS4, finish my afternoon bowl of cereal, and sit down to have a serious conversation with you...)

Assuming you have several friend circles, you'll likely end up at several weddings that may not be attended by the same people which means you can get away with wearing the same outfit several times in a row. (Insert fist pump here.) In a pinch, changing your hair and lip color will usually throw people off enough to assume your outfit is different if they've seen you in it before. Sartorial's all in the details.

Back to the story at hand though...

Charles and I had just finished booking all of our travel plans to go traipse around in London and the English countryside (a.k.a we're basically now poor) and realized we had a wedding to attend. Of course, I had one of those "I have nothing to wear" moments because I think my brain is genetically predisposed to react that way if there's ever a chance to get something pretty. So, naturally, over the course of about 3 weekends, we went to every single store in LA in search of the perfect dress.

A few things I learned along the way?
  • Wait. Color isn't my enemy?
  • This blonde hair is a game-changer
  • I really like long-sleeve dresses
  • Sequins? Why not?
  • Metallics? Let's do this!
  • Maybe I don't hate my legs as much as I used to
  • Being flat is a blessing sometimes
  • Check the price tag before you try it on
  • Comfort is my #1 priority
I ran the gamut during those 3 weeks...luckily, Charles is exceedingly patient when it comes to helping me shop. He took photos for future reference, noted his top favorites, and always insisted I try things on even when he was hungry and tired. He's a chronic Best Husband Award winner.

Newfound brand and designer crushes include Clover Canyon (it's like wearing a form-fitting, endlessly flattering rainbow), Maje (mixes modern and timeless in unexpected ways), and Alice & Olivia (masters sequins, brocade, and other textures.) The only problem was that my wallet was screaming "bloody murder" from my bag, so after searching high and low in every mall and neighborhood in LA, I had basically given up.

I kid you not, it was my last chance to find a dress and I was completely burnt out. I couldn't bring myself to spend too much money and was about to throw my hands up in defeat when, I kid you not, I walked past a Bebe store.

I need you to know something. I haven't set foot in a Bebe since high school. I assume most of their clothing is just too racy and "sexy" for me to wear. It's just not my jam...but as we walked past, I spied this dress in all it's metallic glory. I stopped to stare at it and thought, "that reminds me of C3PO and Luke Steele." For those of you who don't understand, here's the formula...

Old School Sci-Fi Costuming
Fashion-Forward Musical Genius

I had my doubts, but had nothing to lose at that, I walked in, grabbed my size and took one
last journey into a dressing room. I threw the dress on, borrowed a pair of heels from the saleswoman and stepped out of the room to show Charles.

And we had a moment. An "ah ha!" moment. A "this is it!" moment...and I almost felt like everyone in that dressing area had that moment with me. The saleswoman let out an "oOooOoOh" (which she was probably trained to do) and I stood in front of the mirror, quickly running down my checklist:
  • Can you breathe? Yes.
  • Can you sit down? Yes.
  • Will you be able to eat in this thing? Yes.
  • Do you think you'll get cold in this? No.
  • Do you feel like a tart? No.
  • Can you dance in it? Absolutely.
  • Does Charles like it? Looks like he does.
  • Do you like it? I think I might love it.
It was a done deal and it ended up being way more affordable than all the other dresses I had tried on. I mean, when does that ever happen?! (Answer: About as often as planetary alignment.)

Cut to the day of the wedding where Charles insisted on purchasing a new suit to match my dress (he's so thoughtful - Best Husband Award #34342309682340) and I got a pair of affordable black heels and a clutch...and this is where I have another revelation.

The heels I purchased were from Steve Madden. Another store I haven't walked into since high school and, lo and behold, these heels were the most comfortable heels I've ever had. I danced for hours in them at the wedding without any discomfort. No blisters. Nothing.

And the clutch was a fab, simple design from Zara. I always leave it to them to deliver clean lines and timeless accessories.

So, what am I getting at? What is the message through all my digressions and ramblings?

It's this...

You don't have to spend a fortune to look like a fortune.
(also, don't be a brand snob.)

After three weeks of failure, it was a valuable lesson...and, really, you look your absolute best when you're having a great time and, folks, I gotta tell ya, in the most comfortable wedding guest attire I've ever owned, I had the time of my life.

A Note About the Outfit: Bebe Dress (I have no idea why I can't seem to find it on their site!), Steve Madden Abilene Pump in Black Multi, Zara Clutch (that, of course, I also can't find on their website!)


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