I'm Enthusiastic About: Affordable Wedding Guest Attire

Hey, guys. Sorry I went MIA again last week. It's the usual excuse: Business Trip. I wish I was blogging full time, but such isn't the case. I gotta pay my mortgage somehow, right?

Here's the good news though. I come bearing useful information because, if you're even remotely in my age range, you probably have several friends who are getting married or are engaged and you're waiting to get another invitation in the mail.

With this comes the conundrum of trying to figure out what to wear to a wedding...and how to not blow tons of money doing it...while simultaneously making smart purchases that are of decent quality so as not to feel like you wasted money. We've all purchased a cheap dress that basically disintegrated  after one night of's time we stop doing that. We're all adults here, right? (As I turn off my PS4, finish my afternoon bowl of cereal, and sit down to have a serious conversation with you...)

Assuming you have several friend circles, you'll likely end up at several weddings that may not be attended by the same people which means you can get away with wearing the same outfit several times in a row. (Insert fist pump here.) In a pinch, changing your hair and lip color will usually throw people off enough to assume your outfit is different if they've seen you in it before. Sartorial's all in the details.

Back to the story at hand though...


Sunday Styles no. 65

Well, no crisis today, folks...oh, wait...except that it's still in the 90's here in LA. As if having a drought wasn't bad enough, autumn has also been stolen from us like so many fuzzy bunnies being gifted and then un-gifted to a 5 year old child. The mornings are still magical the 70's, a tad humid, with a comforting chill in the air...but that very quickly dissipates and in its place is a plague of heat.

It's the type of heat and sun that instantaneously demolishes your will to do anything outside for more than 2 minutes...and if you do do something for more than 2 minutes (say, walk your dog down the street and back), you'll end up half passed out on your couch for the rest of the afternoon, in and out of sleep, only scraping together enough energy to test just how cold you can get your AC while praying that there won't be a blackout.


The Frontiers of Adulthood: Age Recognition

So, I've become much more physical as I've gotten older. (Listen to me. I'm talking like I'm a corpse.) I'm not sure why it happened, but gone are the days of chain smoking, eating every heavy carb under the sun...and moon every day of every week (most notably bagels, burgers, waffles, and other delicious fare), and barely moving aside from lounging around with fellow college-age-melodramatic-"philosophers" at a diner, discussing prose and plays and the latest indie band on little to no sleep and a lot of coffee refills.

Actually, I totally know why. Because I realized that if I kept up that behavior, the chances of aging gracefully like my mom would be about 0.000000001%. I would end up looking like Iggy Pop by the age of 40 even with my awesome Asian genetics...and 40 is less than 7 years away at this point. I had to stop being so irresponsible. I mean, babies are a plan after all and being a haggard mom before the mommin' (yes, a made up word) even starts would be no bueno.

For better or worse, over the last few years, I've quit smoking (again), trained myself to execute some form of exercise 7 days a week, and have gotten to eating much healthier. (I'm now a burger a week type of gal and feel sheer panic when there isn't fruit in the apartment...I love fries, but I love yogurt and berries just as much.) Needless to say, college Nami would be completely horrified if she met adult Nami. The fact that sleep is so important to me now alone would send my former self into a tailspin.

On the day-to-day, despite feeling like there are never enough hours to fulfill all the to-do list items, from a health and well-being perspective, I'd consider myself one of the lucky ones. I haven't gotten sick in a while and usually only suffer minor aches and pains which are, more often than not, caused by my own stupidity. (Slamming my shoulder into a doorway - common occurrence, falling asleep in a weird position on the couch - nightly, trying to do too much physical activity in one day - please refer to my fitbit obsession here, and so on.)

So, where am I going with this story? Well, I had to share an experience I had on Tuesday that I still haven't quite recovered from.