Sunday Styles Spring 2015 New York Fashion Week Edition

(a.k.a Nami Returns to the Land of the Living Once More)

Wow. So, it's literally been over a month since I blogged.
There are lots of reasons for this. Back to back business trips, the continued decorating of the new home, my 3 year wedding anniversary, a dog with major allergies, AND New York Fashion Week.

I just returned from the latter this last weekend and after running as far away from social media as possible for a few days, have returned to give you a recap. 

As you might know, I work with TRESemmé (their the official hair care sponsor for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week) as their social media person and, because of that, get access to shows every season to capture the hair and the looks from the runway...and this season definitely didn't disappoint. TRESemmé did the hair for 7 shows:
So, are you ready? I'm going to give you the speed recap: hair, make-up, nails and my top 3 fave looks from each collection. It's gonna be a doozy. Aaaaaand we're off!

Marissa Webb

This was our second season working with Marissa Webb and despite the fact that I'm currently having a if-Yohji Yamamoto-and-Commes des Garçon-had-a-lovechild wardrobe moment, I can still appreciate Webb's ability to create beautiful, well-tailored pieces that are decidedly wearable.

First, the beauty...

The nails were clean with a little metallic twist. Definitely a refreshing take on the French mani which usually screams "Senior Prom!" to me. It's also the type of nail art you don't feel bad asking your local manicurist to attempt instead of having to seek one of those rare, nail art gurus that are booked until next year.

And the make-up had a little bit of undone-ness which I always love. The eyes were dark, the lips were natural and the brows were strong. The smudgy quality of the eyeshadow and the blended eyeliner make for a little more mystery. Cool girls don't do clean lines, right?

And the hair?

Let's start off by talking about how Marissa Webb always does two looks which is already awesome. What's even better is that she always chooses two hairstyles that are perfectly complementary to her clothing. What's even better is that she teams up with my homegirl, the exceptionally talented Jeanie Syfu, to make these hairstyles happen.

The first look was an undone 5-strand braid, shown below. (This one takes practice, people. Go look it up on YouTube.) It's got that "I woke up like this" vibe if the person who woke up happened to be a braiding genius.

And the second look was a swoon-worthy braided pompadour. A dutch braid on either side, some major teasing of the top section followed by french braiding the top and taking all three braids...and braiding them together at the end. Two words: BRAIDING BONANZA. Let's be honest. It's bad ass.

And finally, my three favorite looks from the show...

That black, boxy, long blazer makes me want to cry tears of joy and combining it with white just puts me over the edge.

Along the same lines, I really appreciate the cropped, boxy cobalt blue blazer combined with the flowing, matching dress.

And that olive drab coat just...I can't handle how amazing that thing is. How something can look both constructed and deconstructed...tailored, yet casual. Well, that's Marissa Webb's true talent.

The verdict: Totally wearable, gorgeous tailoring, yes, yes, and yes.

Misha Nonoo

Misha Nonoo has a much brighter, bolder aesthetic and this season she was inspired by Brooklyn artist, Dustin Yellin, and his glass sculptures. Now, before you think "does not compute" you might want to take a look at his artwork. It's beautiful and, in turn, Nonoo's spring line turned out to be equally gorgeous.

First off, the beauty...

Can we all agree that white nails are totally the thing right now? (At this very moment I'm clicking away at my keyboard with my long, pointy, white gels.) And with a line that's going to be bright and bold, a white mani is a wise choice. A white mani with a little linear love is an even wiser choice.

I watched the manicurists do this. They started by sticking thin guide strips on the center of each nail, then proceeded to paint the nail white. After a little time, they removed the thin guide strip, revealing the neutral line. Then finished it off with a matte topcoat. A solid strategy for a modern nail.

And the make-up was immaculate. Skin was flawless, eyes were clean and neutral, and lips were ever-so-slightly pinkish. Brows were neither strong nor subtle. The look was the face we all wake-up our dreams.

And on to the hair.

This time, TRES stylist, Matthew Curtis, had a go and created what he called "90's Non-Chalant Waves." He came up with that name in 2 seconds. (Well done, Matthew. Well done.)

Essentially, this is cool girl hair with a little more polish. Deep side parts with sleek, shiny hair that has a few textural bends from the midshaft to the ends. Meticulously created, but casually worn. It's the hair equivalents of where girlhood and womanhood meet. (Was that too poetic?)

As you can see, it looks pretty spot-on even with a white t-shirt.

And the show? Well, here are my three fav looks...

This is the part where you roll your eyes because Misha Nonoo's Spring 2015 collection had lots of gorgeous prints and bright colors...but me? I love solids and I love white. I don't wear pale blue much, but if I had the money, I would buy that outfit for one of my long-legged friends.

I have a soft spot for clothing that isn't constricting (a.k.a you can eat while wearing) and these three looks sum this sentiment up perfectly...well, aside from the fact that you would probably avoid an all-you-can-eat BBQ joint because, hello, all-white equals stain magnet.

...but I digress. They're the type of outfits that make you look like you're always standing on the helm of a yacht, pointing toward your glamorous future.

The verdict: Feeds my penchant for solids, proportion play, and clothing you can actually live in. Absolutely lovely. (If I owned one of these outfits, I would hire someone to always point a fan at me...the drama of all that flowing material would be worth having super-dry contact lenses.)

Rebecca Taylor

A Midsummer Night's Dream with a 70's Twist...take a moment to think about that for a second. Take the next second to realize that sounds like a place where fashionable rainbows spill forth in a mind shattering explosion of sartorial mastery.

Well, that was Rebecca Taylor's inspiration for her spring 2015 line. Intrigued? You should be. Again,  little ol' all-black wearing me may not go out and purchase it all, but can utterly and wholeheartedly admire it for its artistry and beauty.

Speaking of beauty...

Here's the thing. Everything was super-natural (not to be mistaken for supernatural) for this show. Nails were no-fuss, no manis. Just clean. Make-up, as you can see, was barely there. (By the way, so into this girl's freckles.)

The hair look was created by Rolando Beauchamp for TRESemmé and was undone, minimalist, and very street-style inspired. It's that thing we've all done. Almost a low ponytail, but you don't pull it all the way through and leave a loop.

To balance the clothing, it was decided to keep the hair simple...and with the deep side part, the hairstyle is still completely on-trend, soft, and polished.

And my favorite 3 looks?

Are you seeing this right now? These gorgeous, muted tones against neutral whites and beiges is enough to make this girl think about reverting back to color again or, at the very least, to convince her close friends to go forth and purchase items from this spring line so she can fawn over them.

The subtle nuances of texture play and proportions is gorgeously demonstrated in Taylor's collection. I have to admit, that trench coat is kind of calling my name...just in case anyone feels like getting me a gift for no reason...feel free to pick that up for me. As you can see, it's killer with high-waisted pants and a cropped top.

This reminds me, I feel like I don't own enough high-waisted things...


The verdict: If this is what Shakespeare and the 70's can inspire, sign me up. This line hath disco'd its way into mine heart. Sidenote: Obsessed with those shoes. Do they come in black?

Prabal Gurung

Look out, world. Prabal Gurung is here!

Now, if someone came up to me and said "envision the cross between traditional Nepalese dress and American boyish sportswear," I would probably blink a lot, think really hard, and not come up with something a quarter as stunning as what Gurung unleashed on the world for Spring 2015.

But before I show you a taste of it, let's quickly chat about the beauty...

Interesting nail art for this show. It reminded me of being windblown. They also used various colors - the manicure below just happened to be the lavender color. Now, much like the way I dress, my nails are usually pretty neutral, but I bet this mani would look ridiculously cool in black or white.

One of the models explain to me that they used orange sticks to create the feathered, horizontal lines. I'm definitely a fan of the subtly of it.

Speaking of subtle, anyone noticing this trend of super-clean make-up? I feel like it was way more rampant this season than any other season I've seen. The below shot is (yes, it's Brit from American Next Top Model, but we're talking about the make-up here folks) crazy minimalist.

Now, I want you to know that minimalist doesn't mean there's nothing on their faces (though most models show up and already look pretty flawless - #TheyWokeUpLikeThat...seriously.) The make-up focuses on flawless skin, neutral tones, and well-kempt lashes and brows. I wish I could pull this look off, but I think I have too much of a love affair with fake eyelashes.

Who knows...maybe that'll change as I get older. (Yes, more digressing. Don't act surprised because I know you're not.)

The hair? Another minimal style. I believe they were calling it the "Active Ponytail."
What do they mean by "Active?" Think, "I'm a badass chick that just got out of the gym and threw my hair back."

Stylists didn't use brushes and combs. They used fingers and had models pushing their own hair back to create just the right texture. 

And the reason the beauty and hair was minimal was to showcase the clothing. Now, onto my 3 favorite looks from the show...

This is some serious statement clothing and, at the same time, it's the type of statement I wouldn't mind making. (Maybe it's his use of black and white that's tugging on my heart strings.) I'm a fan of the subtle cut-out's of color and dashes of patterning and the silhouettes are pretty amazing.

Strong lines, strong shoulders, tasteful patterning, and flowing fabrics. I mean, are you seeing that dress on the right? Just put that on me and stick me in a wind tunnel for an entire day. I would have a blast (pun not necessarily intended, but appreciated.)

The Verdict: Gurung's Nepalese/Americana cross-over is a massive success. Rarely does salmon and teal catch my eye, but a man who can make this girl want to try those colors...well, he's basically a magician. Hypnotizing, strong, confident, and still so feminine. Bravo!

3.1 Phillip Lim

So, being a homebody, I could really appreciate Phillip Lim's inspiration for his spring collection. Namely, his home...and even more precisely, his bedroom. The collection was a mix of texture play (think mattresses...chic mattresses), loungewear (a fashionable robe to wear in public? yes, please), and shapes mimicking the comforts of one's boudoir.

But first, the beauty...

The nails were a gorgeous, neutral beigey-pink. Almost mauve...and lacking in nail art, which I could appreciate because 1) I'm a minimalist and 2) just because everyone else is doing nail art doesn't mean you have to. LOVE this color.

And the make-up was was the the type of make-up where you couldn't tell if a model had just walked in after a great night of sleep or finished up with one of the make-up artists...and I say this because I had asked several girls, "excuse me. Have you gotten your make-up done? And, if so, would you mind if I took a photo?"

And a lot of them responded, "oh, I haven't gotten it done yet."

To which I realized...oh, wait. These girls literally wake up like this. #Flawless...IRL.

And now for one of my favorite bits. The hair!
Now, a few people said to me, "um, I wake up like, super frizzy."
And me? I'm jealous because I wish I had that kind of voluminous, textured hair that one could sculpt into a windblown topknot.

Paul Hanlon (for TRESemmé) called it the Flyaway Knot. Hair was section off at the hairline all the way around, teased, crimped, hairsprayed, and blown up and back. The knot was a ponytail divided in two, knotted two or three times, and pinned down. It was also hairpsprayed and blown back.

I don't care what anyone says. I thought this look was super-cool. I guess the grass is always greener, eh? If some girls heard me say I want frizzier hair, I'd probably get punched in the face.

But enough about my desperate wishes of having frizzier hair.
Let's talk about my three favorite looks from the show...

You can really see the loungewear and bedroom inspiration here. Check out those robe-inspired tops and cropped, flowing pants. And that suit on the left...The patterning and texture hints at a super-lux quilt.

There is something undeniably cool about this collection. It's like the line is really comfortable with itself and gives everyone something they can wear. There was a good dose or black and white as well which, obviously, you know I appreciate.

The Verdict: I'm calling this the "cool-girl samurai rolls out of bed and onto a runway, creating mass amounts of envy without trying" look. In short, looooove it.

Narciso Rodriguez

Mr. Rodriguez is a integral part of Fashion Week and has been for a long time. He's know for his strong lines and beautifully powerful (yet feminine) silhouettes. His spring collection continues to celebrate young, free, liberated women!

So, let's begin with the nails. A orangey, beige with a golden touch and matte finish. Personally, not my favorite color (a.k.a I know it would look horrendous on me, but would probably look amazing on someone else), but I appreciate it's freshness.

The make-up was slightly moodier than the other shows, though lips remained natural...but the eyes. Eyes were graced with a bit of black liner and a healthy dose of smudgy, mildly metallic darkness on the outer corner with some blending over the lid.

Brows were filled in, but not too strong. The eyes were definitely the focus for this show's beauty.

And the hair was another look I love. The effortless wave. Something that's actually a little bit difficult to do for those of us who aren't graced with natural waves already.

Paul Hanlon used different methods depending on the model's hair texture, but most of them with fairly straight hair received this technique. Just running some mousse through the hair, loosely braiding it, blowdrying the braids and releasing them. Just a quick finger brush to break it apart and it's done. Leave the ends straight to keep it rock n' roll.

There's something so simple, yet beautiful about this look...and, let's face it, these are fashion shows. Not hair shows. Sometimes I hear people complaining about the hair not being polished or done up enough, but why would you want to do that? It just takes away from the glory of the clothes. We're not getting people ready for the prom. Geez. (Sorry. Ranted there for a second.)

And now my favorite three looks!

Simple, right? And yet, it's the simplicity of the black and white that makes me appreciate the tailoring, the shapes, the necklines and hems, the way a jacket moves or a skirt flows.

Some people might look at this and think it's too plain or basic, but I have to disagree. Clean lines are probably the hardest thing to design. It's like trying to find the perfect, white t-shirt (which, by the way, I haven't found yet.)

Mr. Rodriguez continues his reputation for keeping the feminine silhouette powerful yet soft and, above all, a statement.

The Verdict: Bravo to the man who makes black and white sing. He's still got it.

Clover Canyon

Ok, now get ready for a visual explosion because we got to work with Clover Canyon this season and their clothing is the ultimate in pattern play. This season's collection was inspired by travels to Asia. It was absolutely gorgeous! But first...

The beauty and hair!
This was one of the shows that really turned the look up...and it was perfect for the clothing. I'll say that this is one collection that doesn't have to worry about competing with bold make-up or hair. The clothing welcomes it.

So, strong brows, clean eyes, and big, bold lips were the name of the game. The look was super-fresh and popped. I absolutely loved the make-up! Makes me want to dig my bright, red lipstick back up to take it for a spin. (I've been going with a super-subdued pink lately. Maybe it's time for a change.)

Nails were orange, metallic with a little half-moon etching detail. Subtle, but still bright and fun.

And the hair took the wet look to a whole new level. Jeanie Syfu created this double-knotted wet look as a nod to the idea of running through a humid forest in Asia (complete with a waterfall - which was one of the visuals in the designer's presentation.)

To be fair, the hair is a lot of look (that used a lot of gel and a brush to paint it on), but I love the double-knots in the back and the play between wet and dry. Maybe one day I'll have the guts to carve my bangs into awesome curves on my forehead and have my husband paint sections of my hair with gel.

And my three favorite looks!

I was dying over these wide, cropped-sleeve, knee-length jackets. Very Asiany without pulling that whole "throw an obi-belt on it" thing. And the neoprene dresses are the best thing ever. And are you seeing these prints?

If anything, Clover Canyon is the brand when it comes to mastering incredible prints. I've never seen prints like theirs. Big, bold, fresh, and fun. That's what it is. Their spring line was basically the sartorial version of fun and vivaciousness.

The Verdict: I loved their pattern play so much, I actually went and tried on some of their clothing yesterday and I'm now sold on the idea that I can wear color as long as it comes in the form of their out-of-this-world prints. Also, neoprene makes my butt look amazing. In short, I'M TOTALLY SOLD.

Final Thoughts?

Are you still with me? Wow. Congrats on reading through all of that!

My final thoughts on the spring/summer collections I was able to check out this New York Fashion Week?
  • I will never stop loving black-and-white (and it's back on-trend, it would seem)
  • I'm learning to really love bright, bold patterns (thanks, Clover Canyon)
  • Braids are always on-trend
  • Undone hair + flawless, minimal make-up is the look.
  • Nail art is fun, but keep it minimal or geometric and stick with no more than two colors to keep it from overtaking everything else (unless that's what you're going for.)
I seriously think the biggest thing for me coming out of this Fashion Week was the new door that has opened up for me in terms of color and patterns. I tried on a green dress today...and I liked it. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

What is happening to me?!

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