Sunday Styles no. 64

You must be wondering why this Sunday Styles doesn't feature a particular outfit, but my husband's handsome face instead.

Well, it's because this Sunday was a particularly harrowing one. The kind that makes you think about life and priorities.

The morning started off as Sunday mornings usually do. I was off early to the gym and got back in time to start getting the apartment in order and ready for the day while Charles woke up a little later after a slightly insomnia-riddled evening. I gave him a "good morning/go get 'em" kiss as he left for his own gym session and I hopped in the shower.

All good so far. The morning was shaping up to be a good one.

I got ready, did some dishes, fed Merlin and started our walk. (Figured I may as well get the pup some extra exercise before brunch) and was enjoying the post-drizzle morning humidity when the phone rang. Just Charles informing me that he was on his way home. Fantastic.

So, Merlin and I decided to prolong our walk so we could greet Charles upon his return...which is when the phone rang again.

Peculiar. It was Charles.

I picked up the phone and he informed me that he felt like he was going to pass out and had to pull onto the shoulder of the freeway. At first I thought it was just a passing thing, but then he asked me to stay on the phone with him for a while until he got his bearings back...which started to worry me.

After a few minutes he said he was feeling better and was going to get back on the road. Crisis averted. Nothing a few deep breaths and some distracting conversation couldn't fix. We hung up and I continued my walk...slightly worried, but assured that Charles is, at the very least, wise enough to know when to pull over if he's not feeling well.

...but then the phone rang again and this time he was downright panicked. He felt like he was really going to pass out. He asked me to call 911 and that's when the reality of the situation hit me. He quickly explained where he was located, said he was going to call too and promptly hung up the phone.

At this point, I was frozen still, standing on the sidewalk and panicked. I dialed 911, told them where Charles was and they informed me an ambulance was on the way. After the call was over, I realized I had no idea what hospital he would be headed to or how I would find him. This is the part in movies where they cut to the person running into the ER because, magically they already knew where their loved one was going to be...except in real life, you have no idea. Naturally, I started calling his phone incessantly.

No answer.

At this point I'm really freaking out...and then he calls me. He's in the ambulance, sounds out-of-sorts and hands the phone to the paramedic who gives me all the information...and I'm off. In the car and on my way to the hospital. I meet Charles there...he's got wires hanging off him, he's shirtless, and looking weak...but he's alive.

He's wearing his gym, naturally, I take a minute to mention that he could totally wear shorts if he wanted to because he has really nice calves. I have a bad habit of saying random things to people in hospitals to make things less awkward for everyone...I recall telling my sister's mother-in-law that her head was beautifully shaped (after she had lost all her hair in chemo) and had she seen some of the lumpy-bumpy heads out there? Needless to say, she appreciated someone talking about something other than a highly calculated subject designed to dance around the fact that she was on death's door.

But back to the scene...
Cue a huge sigh of relief, a few additional jokes cracked, a blood test, an IV drip for a little while and news that his blood work looks fine and that his ticker is totally ok. Turns out it was likely dehydration mixed with too much caffeine and not enough food in his system...he's notorious for not being able to consume anything early in the morning, but loves quad-shot lattes to wake up. Now, I would have a heart attack if I went to the gym in that kind of situation, but he seemed to be fine for a while doing that...but this was the big, red flag that said "NOT OK."

Looks like I'm gonna have to go all maternal for a hot second and go purchase boxes of emergency granola bars, bananas for pre-workout carb-age and watch him like a hawk in terms of hydration levels on his workout days. (If this is a sign of what I'm going to be like as a mother, I feel bad for my future babies.)

So, long story short, that's why you don't get a Sunday Styles today, but you do get a few lessons learned:

  1. Never go to the gym and work out hard without food in your system and plenty of hydration.
  2. Try not to ingest 4 shots of espresso on an empty stomach before a workout either...because you'll probably think you're having a heart attack and freak out.
  3. What you're going to wear is the last thing on your mind when the love of your life is in an ambulance on the way to the hospital after nearly blacking out while driving on the freeway...and that's totally normal. If you spend any time figuring out what you're going to wear to the ER, there is something wrong with you.
And there ya have off to cuddle with my husband and try to enjoy the remainder of our Sunday, well-fed and well-hydrated.

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