I'm Enthusiastic About: Being a Blonde (!!!)

So, I don't know if you've noticed (and you probably have if you follow my on instagram), but I went and bleached my hair back at the end of August. That's right. Instead of opting for the subtle touches of a refreshed ombré, I decided it was time. I was still growing my hair out, so the only thing left to do was to strip my tresses of any color. (I mean, I could've gone with bangs again, I've done that already.)

Bleaching my hair a pale, buttery blonde was something I'd always secretly fantasized about. In fact, I did it once back in high school. The initial results were stellar. I was a skatery-punky-indie young thing with a pixie cut. All I did was get my hands on some Manic Panic bleach and plop it on my head.

My parents? HATED IT. Me? I LOVED IT. My boyfriend at the time? I CAN'T REMEMBER WHICH DUDE I WAS DATING. (Horrible, I know. I might have been caught in a love triangle or square at the time.)

Yep. I was left with almost-white hair that I, unfortunately, didn't take very good care of because it was during one of my "I'm young and resilient and I don't have time to think about upkeep" phases. (Cue the endless cheeseburgers, cigarettes, sleepless nights, bottomless coffees, late-night drives to far away places and all that philosophizing over who knows what all day, every day in diners all over northern New Jersey and the dark alleys of Manhattan. How am I not dead?)

The result of my deadbeat (hair)mom behavior? Whenever I wanted to bleach my roots, I would just plop the bleach back entire head. I would wrap it in plastic wrap and writhe around for 30 minutes, trying not to scratch my burning scalp.

Needless to say, the ends of my hair basically melted off after a few months of this really awesome (not awesome) coloring regimen and I was forced to dye my hair a dark purple (forced!) and eventually back to black where I stayed until only recently.

So, yes, it was time. At first I (manic) panicked and thought I was going through a quarter-life crisis...but then realized 1) I'm not going to live to the age of 132 and 2) I was just extremely bored with my hair. (You can only try so many braids, topknots, teased buns, and assorted head wraps and coverings before throwing you hands up and declaring "there's nothing left to do!")

Naturally, it was time to go see my mane (GET IT?!) man, Charles Fox. He is my hair guru. He's taken me from chin-length bob to cleopatra lob to Jane Birkin bangs to ombré short, the word "trust" doesn't even come close to how I feel about this man when it comes to the transformation of my hair. And, of course, he loves a challenge, but is also completely respectful and honest when it comes to hair.

He knew he could do it, but informed me that it would take more than 1 trip to the salon and wouldn't be a quick in-and-out job. Nope. This was going to be an epic experience...but that was ok because he feeds me almonds (you'd be hard pressed to ever find this guy caught without some sort of healthy snack - he's always prepared), makes me coffee and likes to chat. So, after SIX HOURS in the salon during my first trip, I was totally ok. And, surprisingly, my hair was too.

He had been able to pull most of the color out and had given me the "roots-on-purpose" look I had requested (because, let's face it, I would look like I was wearing a wig if I didn't have roots.) This required foiling my entire head and I have a good amount of hair. Kudos to him for being so patient and thorough.

Cut to a week later after giving my hair a little rest, returning to Neighborhood Salon for TWO more rounds of bleach and another six hour session (filled with hot, apple cider and good conversation) and we've arrived at where we are with the color today. A pale, buttery blonde without a hint of brassiness AND it hasn't melted off! DO YOU REALIZE HOW HARD IT IS TO NOT MELT HAIR OFF AFTER 3...THREE rounds of bleach?

Color me (or de-color me in this case) impressed. And now I'm blonde and, I gotta admit, I'm lovin' it. Interestingly, Charles is loving it too. He thinks I was apparently born to be a, it looks like I might just stick with this color until I start going grey. Thank goodness I'm rockin' the roots-on-purpose. Though I'm no longer a deadbeat when it comes to hair maintenance, I'm by no means OCD about it either. But with ROP (roots-on-purpose, I'm starting to get lazy about typing it out), I can go 2 or 3 months without having a touch-up. In short, AMAZING.

So, what is it about being blonde? It's not that it's more fun, per se, but more about the fact that this hair is like an awesome accessory. Sure, I've always believed that hair can be a great accessory, but where I had been sporting the dark, moody, dark brown, tortoise shell, Raybans of hair before...classic and timeless to be sure...I am now sporting the bright, pale, cat-eye, Oliver Peoples of hair.

The best part about it? Much like how I love sunglasses, hats, and great shoes...this is an accessory you can wear every day without anyone secretly judging you for wearing the same thing over and over again. (Though I've been known to wear the same outfit several days in a row. HEY, DON'T JUDGE ME. You were totally judging me just now...don't pretend like you've never repeated an outfit a few days in a row.)

Now, what was I saying? Right. It's just what I needed to get me through the past month of endless traveling and overworking. I'll have to report back on whether I'm having more fun or not with this hair color soon.

So, what your hair story? Thinking about going blonde? I wanna hear all about your hair plans! xo!


  1. First of all, totally not judging you for rocking the same outfit several days in a row. Hell, I've done it. I remember when I was still going to school, I'd go to sleep wearing my jeggings and wear them the next day too... which is totally disgusting when I think about it because I carried the germs from Bay Area public transit and whatever else my bum sat on onto my nice cozy bed. Eww. Anyhow, you look super AMAZING with bleached hair!! It suits you :) I got caramel highlights back in May but they're pretty subtle, I'd definitely like to go a bit more extreme, but getting your hurr did is so expensive :( And my stylist moved out of town and works at a salon 30 min away. It's so hard to find someone you completely trust with your hair, and I'm totally jealous that you have a mane (ha!) stylist! The one that I saw regularly (before the one that moved away) has a tendency to get all up in your personal business and I did NOT want to go back to her after me and whats-his-face broke up. And my cousin told me she's asked about me since and that thing the last few times she's gone :/ Wow, I did a lot of rambling. I shall shut up now!

    Your Dark Side Sister

    PS: I'm so happy to see you blogging again, I missed seeing your posts :)

    1. Ramble all you want, Nina. I love when you do!

      As for hurr upkeep, it can definitely add up...which is why I originally had the ombré done because there's no such thing as roots and you can kind of leave it alone for months at a time...and the reason I went for the roots-on-purpose look this time around too.

      I figure I'll get a retouching done every 2 to 3 months at this rate...which is still more than I'm used to, but I'm chalking it up to adulthood responsibilities and will forgo extra trips to the coffee shop and maybe a pair of shoes to keep it going. :)

      You should totally just move to LA so we can hang out and you can go see my hairstylist. ;)
      Wait, didn't you mention possibly moving here at some point? (Sorry if I'm pestering. I have a bad habit of trying to lure everyone to LA. It's purely selfish. It's just so we can hang out and Merlin and Rory can become friends.)


      PS: I REALLY hope I can keep the blogging up this time. Fingers crossed I don't have anymore crazy back-to-back biz trips!