Sunday Styles no. 62

You didn't think I could possibly provide another white-out weekend post, did you? Trust me, I thought about it, but figured you might be getting bored. Anyway, I needed to do a load of white laundry. Combine that with the revelation that I need more white shoes and it's become clear that today is not an all-white sorta day.

Meanwhile, it's finally cooled down a little bit and the mornings have been deliciously overcast, which means I don't have to wear white as a defensive move. No one should ever have to dress defensively.

So, what do I do instead? I go in the completely opposite direction (naturally) this Sunday by channeling my inner Wednesday Addams. Nothing feels as comfortable to me as nestling into a blacked-out outfit. In the words of the great Yohji Yamamoto:

"Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy - but mysterious. But above all black says this: "I don't bother you - don't bother me."

This is quite possibly my favorite fashion quote of all time. I really should write a post about it…but I digress…

The severe center part, the all black ensemble, the stoic, unimpressed expression, the collar (albeit a black, updated version.) I think I've truly captured adult, living-in-California Wednesday Addams. Sorry, but I don't do pigtail braids.

On the all-black note, you could also say that I'm totally mourning the fact Charles has to work most of today on a set that he's been informed doesn't have air conditioning. They will also be using LOTS of lights which means he'll basically be baked alive while doing sound for a film. He also had to leave at 5am this morning. Poor guy.

So, this Sunday isn't the happiest, most carefree of Sundays. I've got a lot of planning and packing that has to be done. (In short, we just bought a place, so I have a few weeks to move. Eeps. More on this later.) I've got a book I've been wanting to finish (and provide a review for you guys) and other things that need to get done. You know, all those things I never feel like doing on the weekend because all I want to do is hang out with my husband. (Yes, I'm a mushy, adoring wife who dotes on her husband and feels super-lucky…don't tell Charles. I don't want his ego to explode.)

Anyway, I'm off to get things done. Hope you're all having a wonderful, relaxing Sunday! xo!

A Note About the Clothes: Zara Leather Collar Sleeveless Shirt (no longer available), A Gold E "Colette" Skinny Jeans (Dark Knights), Alexander Wang Kori Cutout-Heel Ankle Boot

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