Sunday Styles no. 61

Man, it is getting hot out there, isn't it? Not sure how it's going on the east coast, but the west coast has been scorching and humid! I know. HUMID! My hair and skin are super happy about it, but the rest of me could do without that mild dampness that makes walking in the sun feel like battling your way through a sauna. My friend, Dan, said it had to do with the tectonic plates below Cali creating heat from the ground and the marine layer. (I may or may not be planning for natural disasters…)

Granted, I'm sure it's not nearly has humid as other places, but it's been surprisingly humid for Los Angeles.

Naturally, this weather calls for shorts and skirts and things of that nature. Breathable fabrics and loose fits…and, being someone with naturally black hair, I've also continued on my enthusiastic trip down White Out Lane. (That's the lane where everyone dons white to stave off the crazy rays of the sun that all-black so happily absorbs, if you didn't know.)

If you have black hair, you share my plight. The one where if you stand in the sun too long, you can fry an egg on your head. So, the less black I can wear in these heavily sunlit months, the better.

Which is why today's Sunday Styles is all about breathability, sheerness, airiness, and white. Though I've been in a decidedly less girly state of sartorial-mind lately, there's definitely something about sheer shirts and skirts that can ignite anyone's feminine side momentarily. I tried to offset it with a more structured, center-parted hairstyle and structured shoes. (It is, after all, about balance, yeah?)

My one issue with all-white is the fear of sitting down or leaning on things…and my poor dog can't stand on his hind-legs and paw at my knee-caps to stretch without a thorough cleaning first. But at least I'm feeling cooler (temperature-wise, people) and happier in our current weather situation.

What are your favorite clothes to wear when it's humid? I got so spoiled with the dry weather that I'm at a loss when it gets even remotely damp out there.

Hope you're having a relaxing Sunday! Stay cool and comfy! xo!

A Note About the Clothes: Madewell Sleeveless Tux Shirt (no longer available), Zara White Skirt (no longer available), Jeffrey Campbell 'In Love' Flats (Black/Black Patent)

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