Sunday Styles no. 59

After a deathly hot week of 90+ degree weather, respite has arrived today in the form of the perfect day. Sunny, breezy, and 75. My favorite type of LA weather (unless there's a pool involved, in which case, bring on 90 degrees and up!)

This Sunday is another ode to keeping it simple. It's also my second Sunday wearing a baseball cap because they're my current obsession. (A solution to not doing anything with my hair? SIGN ME UP.) In other news, much like my obsession with black, I'm starting to cultivate an obsession with white. (I mean, I guess it makes sense…wearing all black in 90 degree weather is like actively deciding to be a baked potato all season.)

Note: Wearing all white takes some getting used to…casually sitting on the grass, letting my dog hop up on my lap after running through a dirt patch, leaning on anything outside…these all become precarious situations. So, let's see how long the white obsession lasts. My long-standing theory of "wearing all white is for rich people" might end up being true. Ha. (Better load up on the tubs of Oxyclean!)

It's been a rough weekend (and week, really) for Charles and I. He's been working non-stop, both weekdays and weekends. My work week was pretty hectic and my weekend has been husband-less, which is always a downer since we don't get to see each other much during the week. (Hello, opposing work hour schedules. He's lucky to get an hour or two of completely conscious Nami most weeknights before I black out on the couch.)

That being said, weekends where Charles is unavailable are spent catching up with friends (I may or may not have spent 10 hours with an old high school friend yesterday doing everything from assisting in buying a fridge to window shopping for glasses to eating cake, watching a movie, and galavanting around Home Depot - when I catch up with people, I get serious) and getting much-needed chores done. I'm about to head out in search of the perfect Mother's Day presents in a bit…they're going to be belated thanks to the 3,000 miles they have to travel, but better late than never. Hope I can find something good!

…laundry to be done…dad's birthday gift to be found…some writing that needs to get on, so forth. I could go on about all the things I need to do at any given time. In short, neurotic and restless is my M.O. At least the white clothing will keep me a little cooler in the LA sun while I run around like a very productive, but still headless chicken.

I'm hoping Charles gets home sooner than later so we can spend a few daylight hours together before the sad reality of another work week crushes our souls. (Dramatic.)

Alright. I'm off to go get things done! Hope you're enjoying a beautiful Sunday wherever you are!

A Note About the Clothes: American Apparel Unisex Viscose Sexuali-Tank (White), American Apparel Stretch Lace Diamond Grid Bra (Black), AG Stevie Ankle Jeans (White) - (can't seem to find this exact pair online anymore, but here's something similar), Vince "Parry" Slip-on Sneaker (Black), California Republic Baseball Cap (this particular one is hard to fine online, but I got it at Kools in Little Tokyo)

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