Sunday Styles no. 60

It would seem completely illogical for me not to dedicate this Sunday Styles to the woman who taught me everything I know about fashion, style, beauty, and life: Mama Matsuo!

So, let's take a minute to gaze upon this moment in time…probably shot sometime in the early 70's. (The lucky red-overall-ed toddler in the photo is my amazing older sister…who is also a fantastic mom of three.)

Now, it goes without saying that my mom was a total babe, but that aside, just look at that outfit! A long-sleeved, knee-length, perfectly tailored dress with a slight flair. Here's another image of it for reference…


Sunday Styles no. 59

After a deathly hot week of 90+ degree weather, respite has arrived today in the form of the perfect day. Sunny, breezy, and 75. My favorite type of LA weather (unless there's a pool involved, in which case, bring on 90 degrees and up!)

This Sunday is another ode to keeping it simple. It's also my second Sunday wearing a baseball cap because they're my current obsession. (A solution to not doing anything with my hair? SIGN ME UP.) In other news, much like my obsession with black, I'm starting to cultivate an obsession with white. (I mean, I guess it makes sense…wearing all black in 90 degree weather is like actively deciding to be a baked potato all season.)