Sunday Styles no. 58

It's been one of those weeks, folks. A lot of work, some traveling for work, some perusing houses on the market…also, losing a house we wanted because we didn't move fast enough on it. So on, so forth. The trials and tribulations of adulthood. At least once a day, I still feel like throwing my hands up, building a blanket fort to hide in and spending my days with coloring books…maybe holding an impromptu tea party once in a while for me and my dog with imaginary cakes, obviously. No need for grocery shopping and less clean-up.

So, this Sunday Styles is dedicated to KISSing…as in "Keep It Simple, Sister." (The "Stupid" has been edited because I don't think you're stupid and, well, I think of you all as my Internet sisters in one way or another - was that too mushy? Whatever. Live with it. I'm an affectionate person.) That and the perfect Los Angeles weather. (Sorry, I swear I don't mean to be rub it in. I love NYC in the spring!)

Anyway, after realizing I needed to take the majority of my billowy pants to the dry cleaners yesterday, I was left with a stack of [insert gasp here] skinny pants. I know at some point not too long ago, I decided that I wanted to take a break from skinnies so I could live the life of someone who didn't have to worry about overeating and popping my fly or get stressed about the knees of my pants stretching whenever I would sit down.

Well, people, I had no choice. I had no billowy pants to fall back on, so I slipped into a pair of skinnies and, dare I say it, was pleasantly surprised to see my legs again. I forgot they existed!

And to keep things simple (yes, I'm back on the KISS thing here), I went for a blindingly white, oversized (because I had to overcompensate for the skinniness of my pants) t-shirt. Top it off with some comfy sandals and a baseball cap because I'm feeling extra lazy about the hair today (which now has peachy pink in it - more on this later.) Black and white, t-shirt and jeans…does it get any more simple than that? Lazy Sundays are the best.

Now, I'm ready to go check out an open house with Charles and pop over to the Huntington Library for a much needed nap in the shade of a big ol' tree and a good read. There might be a burger in there somewhere…and a vacuuming of the apartment. (You didn't think I could get through an entire day without doing at least one chore, did you?)

...and I may attempt to make my own pizza tonight. Wish me luck. (Note: yes, I will be changing out of my white t-shirt before I start handling the tomato sauce. I like taking risks, but I'm not dumb.)

So, time to enjoy today before the grind begins again tomorrow. Hope you're all taking advantage of the weather. Sounds like spring has finally sprung for everyone across the country! xo!

A Note About the Clothing: Zara Invisible Zip T-shirt (no longer available), A Gold E "Colette" Skinny Jeans (Dark Knights), Sam Edelman Sandals (no longer available), Kools Baseball Cap (should be available at the store in Little Tokyo, LA)

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