Sunday Styles no. 57

Firstly, Happy Easter! I don't celebrate it, but I hope you're all eating great food in good company or, at the very least, loading up on candy eggs and posing with men in rabbit suits to celebrate the occasion.

Yep. An entire week without a blog post since last Sunday. Trust me, I'm riddled with guilt, but I've been going through some serious mental, emotional, and physical housecleaning. Hence, the break I took this last week.

I just realized I made it all sound way more dramatic than it actually was. In reality, this past week has just been a serious exercise in "let's be adults." I think I mentioned life planning stuff to you guys in a few earlier posts, but Charles and I have been house hunting which is both totally fun (it's like window shopping with a staggeringly low probability of impulsively buying anything because, hello, buying a house takes a billion steps and usually costs more than what you'd get cutting out lattes and manicures for a month or two) and totally disheartening because there's this thing…I like to call it The Perfect Trifecta: a house you love, a neighborhood you love, and a price you love.

The last week has been spent pulling together information for all the planning that it takes to be ready to put in offers on houses, checking real estate apps every night, moving money from different accounts to other accounts…tax day was this past week…

And on top of that, I quit smoking again (I'm on day 9, folks), which means all kinds of rage and frustration and physical discomfort…coupled with forcing myself to take advantage of my new gym membership which means weekly training sessions (read: additional physical discomfort) and the usual spring cleaning bug I get each year (which makes me do things like clean out my entire closet and reorganize.) Add to that a dash of "I'm trying to save money, so I need to cook almost every night" which kills more hours in my day...

Aaaaand…on top of that I had to get a cracked crown replaced…the second one in two months! My poor teeth! My poor wallet!

In short, this last week was full of trying to be responsible…and in being responsible, I basically had no time to relax aside from a much-needed epsom salt bath I took after my training session one evening. That aside, it was a whole lot of "go, go, go" and not enough down time. I just hate that the blog has to suffer as a side effect to all of this.

Anyway, I'm rambling aren't I? I've vented enough. I should just be happy that I'm healthy and surrounded by loved ones. Gotta stay positive!

Now, time to get on with today's Sunday Style!

Today we spent most of the day going from open house to open house…and it's warm out…so, the day's activities called for comfy, but pulled-together clothing. I like making realtors think I've got it together, even when I'm a mess on the inside (ok, that's a bit dramatic…but quitting smoking definitely makes me feel like a psycho sometimes.) It's amazing what a firm handshake, a solid outfit, and a smile can do for you at an open house.

Also, when it's super sunny out and you have to do a lot of walking? Wear white and wear comfortable shoes. That's all I can say about that. Now then…I'm going to attempt to do nothing. I hope it works!

Hope you're having a wonderful Easter Sunday! xo!

A Note About the Clothes: Madewell Sleeveless Tux Shirt (no longer available), Vince Wrap Seam Pants, Alexander Wang Kori Cutout-Heel Ankle Boot, Rag & Bone Large Pilot Bag (black), Oliver Peoples Colline Sunglasses (beige)

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