Sunday Styles no. 55

Another beautiful weekend in Los Angeles…aside from earthquakes, apparently. I finally got to experience one a few weeks ago and, to be fair, it was frightening for all 2 seconds. The one that supposedly happened on Friday…well, I didn't feel a thing. I'm chalking it up to the fact that I was way too focused on cleaning the bathroom. That or I used too many bleaching products and didn't ventilate enough.

Whatever the case, my bathroom is sparkling and my family and I are safe and sound. But I'm digressing. Instead of worrying about earthquakes, this Sunday I'm worrying myself over getting as many chores done…however, chores aren't going to stop me from taking some time to relax.

And what better way to relax than to wear relaxing clothing? I just can't get enough of it. I've become obsessed with cropped, tapered pants that are full in the hips. And, yes, I even have a few pairs with elastic waistbands, though you would never be able to tell from the looks of 'em.

Along with these types of pants, I've also been trying to hone in on the perfect tops to match, so this beauty was an obvious choice. Thin knit cotton cut in such a way to fit my frame, but still seem oversized in a flattering way. I know, that was a mouthful, but that's what I've been craving lately. It's the "boyfriend" philosophy. Boyfriend jeans, boyfriend T's, boyfriend sandwiches, whatever. It comes down to the illusion of being oversized without looking like you're wearing something 5 sizes too big.

Anyway, can we just talk about how much I love this top when the wind blows? Billowy much? SO . INCREDIBLY . COMFORTABLE.

I can't talk enough about my standards of comfort these days…and the wonderful reality that being comfortable does not mean you have to look like a schlub. I don't know why people see these two things as sartorially synonymous.

Yesterday, I was out and about with Charles doing some window shopping. I was wearing my usual uniform of cropped, tapered, wide-in-the-hip pants with a thin-knit, faux-oversized navy jumper. Loafers. My hair? Standard low ponytail. I was about as understated as you could get.

Countless female retail workers stopped me to say "I love your outfit. It looks so comfortable…" followed by an abrupt, "but still chic and stylish!" Like by saying that I looked comfortable, I might also think that they're saying I look like crap.

This isn't some unsolved mystery, people. When you're comfortable, you have the ability to exude confidence because you're not worrying about stretching the knees on your skinny jeans or making sure you don't eat too much for fear of busting a fly open. And there's nothing more stylish than confidence. You're much more likely to be poised and graceful if you're not worrying about breaking your ankle on 5 inch heels or having your boob pop out of something. (I have no idea what the latter is like…my boobs couldn't pop out a 1 inch band of fabric if they tried…but I know many women who need to watch it and I'm both totally envious of their boobs and also relieved I don't have to worry about them unleashing on the world by mistake.)

Note: I'm not against skinny jeans, high heels, and the like. There are lots of women who looks amazing in them and there's a time and place for them for me. I wouldn't wear today's outfit to a black tie gala (as tempted as I might be.) I just want women to realize that they also have the option of being comfortable but still absolutely beautiful and appreciated.

And on that note, off I go to confidently relax…and then confidently do laundry and vacuum. Hope you're having a fantastic Sunday! xo!

P.S. Yes, I know I have to quit smoking again. The plan is to quit after my birthday mini-vaca next weekend, so save your preachin' till after that. I've been stressed out of my mind. Kthanksloveyou!

A Note About the Clothing: AllSaints Tiko T-Shirt (Light Grey), Vince Wrap Seam Pants, Jeffrey Campbell 'In Love' Flats (Black/Black Patent)

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