Sunday Styles no. 54

Well, hello there from springy Los Angeles! As it turns out, after a cray heat wave (thank you, Santa Ana winds), this weekend is perfection. Sunny, breezy, and in the 70's. Just the kind of LA weather I've come to love.

And with that, today is going to be one of those gotta-get-stuff-done kind of days, so I can't hang around for long. Groceries to pick up, activities to do with the husband, walks to take with the dog. General Sunday-enjoyment is on the roster, so today I'm going for comfy clothes.

As you know, I've been embracing the billowy pant phenomenon and these pants are no exception. Perfect fit at the waist, cropped but tapered ankle (with zippers!), and a relaxed silhouette. The kind of silhouette that makes it move in the breeze.

Along with this, a wool, black jumper of the most simple design…it took me a while to find one that I adored, but this one is the best. Thin, but warm, a wide crew neck, and the bottom isn't cinched. VERRRRY relaxed.

And I've taken a break from the bun to let my hair heal a little bit. I've been sporting the low braid for a few days now and I'm actually a pretty big fan. A little fancier than a low pony, with very little effort.

Top all of it off with loafers and a trench coat and I'm ready to run out the door to get things done and enjoy my Sunday as much as possible. This weather is my favorite. You can wear a sweater without dying of heat and even throw on a coat when it gets a little overcast. There's still a little bite to the air!

Also, my favorite neighborhood cat:

So, I'm off. My spring fever is making it so I can't concentrate very much! Time to relax. Have a gorgeous Sunday, everyone! xo!

A Note About the Clothing: AllSaints Zavi Sweater (black), Vince Cropped Harem Pant (Coastal Blue), Burberry Patent Loafer (Black), Burberry Long Cotton Gabardine Slim Fit Trench Coat (no longer available, but here's the "leather detail" version.)

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