I'm Enthusiastic About: My New Earrings

So, I've been keeping my wallet pretty tightly shut recently in lieu of all the life planning that's going on. (Read: being an adult is the worst.) But…Well, you know my wallet can't stay closed for long. However, you also know that I'm on a strict investment-piece war path where everything I purchase needs to be something timeless that I'll adore and can probably give to my children, assuming I don't wear it into the ground…which is a sad reality. (Next step: learning to take care of my investment pieces as if they were my own children.)

Now, back to the important part. My new investment…

I know that statement jewelry has been all the rage and I love a good piece of bling. (I may or may not have contemplated purchasing a pair of white high top sneakers the other day blessed with golden five pound eagles on each ankle.) However, despite this fact, I still love really subtle, delicate jewelry. The kind of jewelry that you won't catch without the right lighting or up close.

It's like perfume. I don't necessarily want people to know I've entered the room because of a sudden change in overall air scent…or to associate me with a nagging headache. Perfume is something you should discover when you're in an intimate space. A kind of lingering memory.

And, I'm starting to feel the same way about my jewelry…which is why, after staring at them for weeks, I went ahead and purchased these gorgeous gold earrings by Brooke Corson at one of my favorite places on earth: Broome Street General Store.

I put them on the minute I purchased them. Literally, between walking from the register to the counter to pick up my latte…and they were perfect. Light as air. Like a whisper in golden form. You can see them if the sunlight hits my earlobe at just the right angle. Charles, initially skeptical, was totally into them when he finally saw them on.

As he so aptly put it, "they look like little staples in your ear."

It's hard to believe, looking back, that I was a totally pierced up punk in high school with so many earrings, I couldn't stand talking on the phone because of all the clinking. Now, I've gone the way of minimalism and, along with my mother feeling a wave of incredible relief - I don't think she could bare to have me go back to all the piercings, I have to say I'm pretty pleased too.

Another investment piece down…now, I just have to stop myself from visiting the jewelry designer's store because…well, I have a feeling my wallet would be ripped open (something beyond my control, I assure you) and my life planning would be ruined for a time as credit cards and cash violently fly towards her register.

Must . Stay . Strong.

So, which camp do you fall into? Statement jewelry or subtle jewelry? xo!


  1. Those are gorgeous! Good investment! I'm trying to do the same starting with shoes and clothes. Jewelry will come next!

    1. Thanks, Susan! Glad I have support in my purchases…makes my consumer guilt a little less overwhelming. ;)

      Lots of luck on the investment war path. I've realized it's all about being realistic and not giving in to the temptation of fleeting trends. Colors and cuts that flatter you and good quality are where it's at.

      I've gotten into tailoring too, but I'll post more on that later.
      Thanks for popping by and leaving me a note. <3