Hair Tutorial: When All Else Fails, Make the Bun Bigger

As my hair-growing journey continues, I've been playing around with more hairstyles and this one has become my favorite for the past few weeks. That's right, folks, my dreams of having a massive bun on the top of my head have come true and my hair isn't even that long yet.

I've been asked by a few people now about how in the world I'm able to get my bun so big without a sock and how I'm able to make it look a little undone. Well, let me explain. It all started at the Marissa Webb show during Fashion Week…

One of her hair looks was an undone bun and I was in love with it, but realized I just didn't have the hair length it required. [Insert sad face.] BUT my dear friend and expert stylist for TRESemmé, Tyler Laswell, was able to show me the way! Turns out you don't need a boatload of hair to make a splash. (I know…that pun-filled sentence was a little too much.)

Ready to get the look? Let's go!

Let's start with the tools:

TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo, Mason Pearson Mix Bristle Brush, Elastic, Bobby Pins, TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Finishing Spray
First, you'll need these items. The style also works well on all matter of washed hair, whether it's freshly washed, 2nd day, 3rd day…I mean, it would probably work on hair that hasn't been washed in weeks, though I haven't ventured that far along the no-washing path.

Anyway, I'm digressing…let's move on, shall we?

Begin by spraying the crap out of your roots with the dry shampoo and give all of your hair a nice coating as well. I find, at least for me, the dry shampoo really helps my hair grip the brush and create tons of volume. (You'll understand what I'm saying later.)

Next, lighting tease your roots all over.
You don't n need to pack it in just yet, but a light tease will give your hair a nice airy feeling and for people like me who don't have the most perfect round head (I WISH), it's a nice way to create a little more volume at the crown.

Now, flip your head upside down and lightly brush your hair to smooth it out a bit. Bundle it at the top of your head.

Secure it with a no-snag elastic so you have an awesome 80's style ponytail.

This is the fun part. Take your brush and start teasing the hell out of the ponytail. Enough teasing and you can make it huuuuuge.

Take a moment to revel in the huge mass of hair on top of your head.

Next, begin haphazardly pinning the teased hair down into a bun shape. Because my hair is on the shorter side, I like flipping the ends in and creating a donut shape all around, but if you have longer hair, you can make it crazy and even more undone.

If you have bangs, pin them up and out of your face.

Feel free to pull pieces from your hairline to soften the overall look a bit and add to it's utter undone-ness.

Now, hit it with some finishing spray to keep it in place for the whole day.

And the final step? Get excited about this huge bun on top of your head and wait for all of your friends to ask how you did it! The best part about this look is that as it starts to mildly fall apart during the day (whether it's windy out or you're an expressive talker in the head-moving category like me), the bun will just look cooler and cooler. So, hands off and let it do it's thing.

Hope you get a chance to try it out. It makes for the perfect out-of-your-face, still-put-together, rain-or-shine-or-sleet-or-snow look…a.k.a, the perfect hairstyle for this weird winter we're having. I know a lot of us are dealing with crappy weather right now, so go forth and make it big! xo!

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