Sunday Styles no. 52

I'm back in LA! Thank goodness! And that means back to sunshine, cool breezes, palm trees and the ability to walk out of the apartment with just a jacket without fear of a polar vortex…not to mention the additional ability to (get this) take the jacket off because it's warmer in the sun.

I know. Amazing.

So, naturally, I'm taking advantage of my return by wearing comfy clothes this lovely Sunday.

I've also wholeheartedly gone the way of billowing silhouettes. No more super-tight skinny jeans that give me fear of knee-stretching whenever I sit down. No more worries about overeating during any given meal (I just wolfed some brunch breakfast sammies with no harm done.) Just comfort…and with comfort comes confidence.

It's something I realized after fashion week. I made a pact to myself that I would only wear loose-fitting clothes and flats. I still managed to create interesting shapes and mix textures, but my body really appreciated it. No teetering in heels along potentially-black-iced sidewalks. It's hard enough walking in nyc during a snowpocalypse with flats. I mean, sure, I give the fashionistas major cred for challenging themselves by shuffling around in the slush in manolos, but you sure can't achieve a relaxed stride when you're overtaken by fear of face-planting.

I walk like a penguin in the slush no matter what kind of footwear I'm sporting, so I might as well be comfortable, yes?

And with that, I've brought home with me a very strong necessity to be comfortable because a long as I can still achieve a certain masculine femininity (tomboy chic is everything to me), I've got confidence written all over my sunlit face. The confidence to be able to pull my pants on without that salmon-swimming-up-stream motion that we all know so well when trying to snake our way into a pair of super-skinny pants. The confidence to eat food without busting a fly or button. The confidence to sit, stand, lean, do a cartwheel. Run. Jump. Whatever.

And with that, this Sunday Styles is dedicated to comfort-without-sacrificing-style. Mixing textures, fiercely staying with my all-black motif, and maybe paying a little more attention to my hair to really hit the "interesting shapes/silhouettes" concept out of the park.

I gotta tell ya, my body has never been happier. Today's ensemble proves that you can still be stylish without being miserable.

Hope you're enjoying a comfy Sunday! I know I am. xo!

A Note About the Clothes: AllSaints Cargo Leather Biker Jacket (Black), American Apparel Cotton Spandex Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt Leotard (Black), Joie Crepe Jogging Pants (Black), Vince "Parry" Slip-On Sneaker (Black), Oliver Peoples Colline Sunglasses (Beige)

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