Pre-Spring Cleaning: Why Crossroads Is Where It's At!

Dear Piece of Clothing I Haven't Worn in Over a Year,

Spring has nearly sprung and I think it's best if we go our separate ways. We both know it's for the best and I'm sure you'll find someone that will love you the way you truly should be loved. Our relationship has been dragging on. It's time we call it quits.

Your Loving Owner,

P.S. Formal Wear, I'm not talking to you. You'll see your day come when I get invited to an event worthy of your beauteousness.


This is the letter that I write in my head to my clothing every time I get the itch to trim my wardrobe into a super-utilitarian, everything-matches, high-quality, no-fleeting-trends-allowed version of itself. And, really, is there any better time than pre-spring to do a little paring down of your dust-collecting duds?

Which is why I recently made my first trip of the year (one of many that will happen) to my local Crossroads Trading Co. For someone like me who has dreams of opening an Etsy store to sell her barely-worn pieces or hold the world's awesomest yard sale, but falls grossly short in the motivation department, this place is the best.

Though my motivations are generally sparse when it comes to parting ways with certain items (phrases like "who knows when I'll need that pair of ballet flats that are a size too small for me" and "I know I've never worn these shoes…despite having them for 3 years…but you never know" come to mind), I finally found THE reason for me to start working on hacking away at my ever-expanding collection.

No More Space Remaining For My Shoes

That's a real problem, people. Especially for a shoe enthusiast like myself. It doesn't help that Charles is a shoe enthusiast too. So, we're left with completely jam-packed shoe racks that are basically vomiting additional shoes all over the space near our front door. And my closet? Shoes upon shoes piled on top of each other…never seeing the light of day.

And the worst part? It's true. There are several pairs of shoes that I've only worn once or never worn at all. HORRIBLE…but wonderful for someone looking for a new pair of shoes.

So, I finally took the time to go through every pair I owned to weed out the ones who needed new homes…

15 pairs of shoes, 2 brand-spankin' new pairs of sunglasses, 1 bag, and about 5 dresses later, I was ready to go. Yes, I had that many pairs of shoes that I no longer needed…luckily, I'd taken good care of them and it was time to say goodbye. In fact, I'm pretty sure my accessories and dresses were so excited to be set free, I could almost hear them squealing with joy in their dust bags and boxes (or so I tell myself so as not to spiral into a consumer guilt hole of agony and regret.)

But enough about that. Upward and onward, yes?

The process when you get to a Crossroads Trading Co. is very straight forward:
  • Sign-in on the seller list
  • Wait patiently to get your name called - play Candy Crush or obsessively refresh your Instagram feed in the meantime
  • Once called, start unloading your stuff
  • The wonderful staff member will go through and price all of your items as well as turn away certain items if they feel they aren't a fit for the store, are too damaged, or off-season (they purchase by season, so be sure to check the site to see what they're currently buying)
    • NOTE: Do not take it personally (even though I know you will) if they turn something away. It's not you. It's the current trends or the season…and if it's too damaged…well, then it is you.
  • Once all your items have been priced, you get two choices:
    • 50% store credit of the total of all your items priced out
    • 35% cash of the total of all your items priced out
  • Not only this, but if you have higher-quality items, you can decide to sell them on consignment, guaranteeing you 50% of the profits, assuming it gets sold.
Now, I still have credit from a previous selling binge I went on last year, so I'm ok in that department…and with that, I got cold, hard cash (er…a check) and three items on consignment, went home knowing I would once again have space for more shoes, deposited my check using the newest in mobile technology, and plopped my tuchas on the couch feeling a lot less consumed by the guilt of hoarding unused items.

I'm hoping my little darlings find their way into the loving arms of those who will wear them all the time.

Meanwhile, I'm going to attempt to go through my closet this weekend to see what else I can sell. I still have my sights set on that dream closet of all-matching, all-timeless, all high-quality items…

...and matching hangers. I want matching hangers really badly.

I'll tell you one thing that's not going anywhere. The sweeeeet Jil Sanders blazer I picked up at the store. Fantastic condition, 100% wool, solid lining, made in Germany, timeless cut, lightweight, with "Nami-Loves-Menswear" written all over it…and for 35 clams, it was a steal! (So, yes, the perks of selling there is also getting to peruse what you can buy.)

Now, go on. If you know you have things you're not going to wear, why not give them new homes? No piece of clothing or accessory deserves to be locked away from the light of day.

Happy pre-spring cleaning to you! xo!

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