New York Fashion Week: A Retrospective

It was one of those Fashion Weeks, people. The 12-15 hour days for 8 days straight kind of Fashion Week, which would explain my radio silence. Couple that with snow, sleet, and freezing rain, one cancelled flight, a long weekend ruined, and the hopes of spending Valentine's day with my husband for the first time since we've been married dashed. (Insert me shaking my fists at Old Man Winter here.)

Since I've been back, it's been a catch-up game and I finally have enough time to tell you about all of the Fashion Week madness. Ready? Ok, here we go! (Warning: TONS of photos ahead!)

DAY 1 (Marissa Webb)

Admittedly, I had a hard time motivating myself on Day 1. Being a fairly anxious person, I over-schedule, over-organize, and stress myself out. (Note to Self: Get back to yoga asap.) Readapting to this sartorial circus is no easy feat. Luckily, my girl Tanya Camburn, one of the TRESemmé stylists at our Fashion Week booth helped me kick off the weekend with a pretty amazing do. (See exhibit A.)

Exhibit A.
Can we all just admit that having a good hair day can be the difference between running back to your hotel bed to hide from your work or pushing through and making the most of your situation? No one wants to waste a good hairstyle. It must be seen!

Which is why I was totally ok with covering a show on Day 1. It also helped that it was Marissa Webb (former J. Crew women's wear designer - insert girly squeal here.) Gah, I loved her collection this season and the amazing Jeanie Syfu (TRESemmé's lead fashion week stylist) created two perfectly imperfect looks - a voluminous loose wave and an undone topknot (which I've been rockin' hard the last few days.)

So, here are my top 10 favorite looks from the collection:

This season was big on mixed textures (tweed & leather were a staple) along with greys, blacks, pale pinks, and reds! Perhaps I'll find myself steering away from all-black again at some point!

And the hair? OMG, dying over these. I hope everyone is practicing their hair teasing skills, because it's something you'll need to learn to achieve these looks:

Images by Getty
I was also a huge fan of the two-tone ox blood nails this show:

All in all, Day 1 was a success (aside from the whole working till 4am thing…by the way, if you want to look like a corpse the next day, this is totally the way to do it. Corpse chic.)

DAY 2 (Rebecca Minkoff)

No one should ever need to work a 15 hour day after getting 3 hours of sleep, but that's just how this day went. Advil, lattes, a hearty breakfast, and plenty of water made things slightly better.

Let's not even talk about what my hair was doing that day. Everyone said they loved the texture, but I'm pretty sure they were just being nice. I just rocked my "undone look" (a.k.a - go to bed with wet hair and wake up the next day to see what happens.)

Nonetheless, I had another show to cover… And which show was that? The Rebecca Minkoff show, of course!
So, what were my top 10 favorite looks from the show?

Minkoff does an expert job of working with jewel tones and metallics. She does the "cool girl" thing like a pro, but notice the greys, blacks, pinks, and reds again. Also, I think it's safe to say that ox blood is going to be back in the fall!

And Jeanie created an undone and easy-to-do low pony. My kind of hair! 

Image by Getty
And the nails were killer! More ox blood, but this time with black tips, anyone?

Also…there were some good eats. Mmmmm. Chicken sammies.

Me & My Girl, Mariam
So, Day 2, despite a tremendous lack of sleep, turned out to be pretty fantastic! It's amazing was decent catering can do for ya when things are crazy backstage.


I think I actually got a decent amount of sleep to prepare me for Day 3, so that helped. Luckily, I didn't have to cover any shows, so my sister from another mister, TRES stylist Katy Lee, gave me a killer Patty Smith / Betsey Johnson Circa 1990 hairstyle to help me continue to feel the fashion week vibes. (See Exhibit B.)

Exhibit B.
Everything feels better with good hair, right?
…and Day 3 went by without a hitch. Phew.

Also, I met Eau de Bear…he gave me perfume & cologne and something to cuddle up to in the cold…which always helps.

DAY 4 (Vivienne Tam)

Another day at fashion week, another show to cover! So, I got myself ramped up with a Marissa Webb-inspired do by my girl, Stacey Ciceron. (See Exhibit C.)

Exhibit C.
Big hair makes me happy. So, this look was a winner. But you know what doesn't make me happy? The fact that the tents were SUPER dark this season. Everything was black. The carpeting, the walls, the ceilings. NOT the best environment to be wearing sunglasses indoors. I wonder how Anna Wintour dealt with it. Me? I didn't deal with it very well:

But I digress. The Vivienne Tam show was also a winner with some great layering, color, and textures. Tam's collections are always eclectic without going overboard. It makes me think of a cosmopolitan sherpa. Does that make sense? Meanwhile, here are my top 10 favs:

Though I didn't see a lot of reds or pinks, we still saw mixed textures. Hey, Tam has been doing the fashion week circuit for over a decade. She's allowed to do what she wants!
And the sleek, low ponies were modern, but understated. Big fan of both of those things:

Images by Getty
I was also in love with the make-up for this show (helps that the models are all stunners) and ox blood nails made another appearance:

And despite all the hubbub, I was able to get some time in with one of my fav Fashion Week staples, Linh Nguyen. He's such a fab hairstylist and photo-posin' buddy. We like to show off our cheekbones:

Another day done. Another show successfully executed.

DAY 5 (Alice + Olivia)

Day 5 started out fairly calm. My darling friend and expert TRES stylist, Tyler Laswell, gave me a Marissa Webb-inspired topknot for the day which put me in good spirits. I mean, how could you not be a little bit cheerful with this hairstyle. (See exhibit D.)

Exhibit D.
And then it was off to the races! And by "races" I mean the Alice + Olivia presentation which was being held at the McKittrick hotel (where they perform "Sleep No More," for those of you who have heard of it.)

Amazing space, amazing collection…no phone service whatsoever. I spent a good deal of the time taking photos backstage and running outside to stand in the freezing cold to tweet and instagram. Not the best situation, but you do what you can with what you've got. Also, Dear Security Guard who let me in and out of the space at least 10 times, you have earned yourself multiple karma points.

All that running around was all worth it thought because this presentation was stellar:

Fairy tales come to mind. Sleeping beauty grows up, gets a job in the fashion industry, and decides to tease her hair. Amazing textures, colors, and a solid mix of feminine pieces with masculine flair. And the hair was biiiiiiiig and I adore big hair as you know:

Image by Getty
Meanwhile, I was obsessing over the make-up & hair for this show…SO GOOOOD! Nothing I love more than a thick liquid-lined cat-eye. They also went for two lip colors - pale pink & a show-stopping red. Top that off with insane nail art (which I would never be able to do on my own) and you've got yourself some serious style cred.

And at the end of it, they filled us with rosé and delicious cake pops that, bestill my heart, looked just like me. I kid you not. Look!

And so ended another day of insanity, topped off with good pizza and a tasty chocolate trifle with my fashion week partner in crime, Mariam (featured in my photo with Eau de Bear & backstage at Minkoff - it seems like we're eating most of the time.)

DAY 6 (Jenny Packham)

So, you know what's great about a topknot? You can basically sleep in it (after some expert pillow propping) and have it look pretty much the same the next day. So, that's what I did and cut my morning prep time in half on Day 6. That was a blessing since I was off to cover the Jenny Packham show downtown early that day.

Now, I don't know about you, but Jenny Packham's designs seem to call upon the little, girly, princess-y Nami who hides deep down inside my cold, black heart. There's something about her collections that are magical and gorgeous. Crystals, sequins, fluffy, silky, sparkly…it's all there.

And, as suspected, she didn't disappoint this season either. Here are my top 10 favs:

Oh, look! Pinks and reds! But instead of going with blacks and greys, Ms. Packham opted for beige, yellow, and navy to really make her collection sing and keep the glamour factor sky-high.

The hair was undone, which is a great way to juxtapose the shimmering clothing. "Cool girl hits the red carpet" is the vibe I got. That Jenny Packham knows a thing or two about style. I adored these undone buns. Can't wait for my hair to get longer so I can pull this look off:

Images by Getty
And the make-up & nails were refreshingly clean for this show. A little bit of nail art combined with a fresh face, red-orange lips barely stained, and a clean, classic eye:

The rest of the day I kind of just floated through, riding on the pretty little fantasy cloud that Ms. Packham provided me earlier in the day. Good stuff.


Day 7, was a nice decompressor. General fashion week coverage for TRESemmé and the rest was a hairspray-laden blur.

I popped by a Condé Nast & TRESemmé video shoot with the lovely Louise Roe & TRES Stylist John D, which is always a good time. (As you can see.)

And, naturally, Mariam and I found our way to the catering and ate some bread pudding.

It was the last day the TRESemmé booth was open at the fashion week tents and despite all the stress and major hustling, the last day is always sad. The thought of having to wait another 5 months to see these stylists who are all now friends…it's enough to make a girl a little bleary-eyed.

But, wait! Couldn't get too emotional because I had to cover a blogger event that night at the Landmarc featuring all the looks TRESemmé styled during fashion week and two of my favorite people were in attendance: TRES Fashion Week Lead Stylist, Jeanie Syfu, and my LA neighbor and TRES Red Carpet Stylist, John D (who you saw earlier.) I mean, how adorbs are they?!

So, I stuffed myself full of hors d'oeuvres, including more dessert than actual food, and said goodbye to another fashion week…done in the blink of an eye.


The last official day of Fashion Week, I was back at the studio attending another video filming with the Condé Nast team and got to hang with Jeanie & Louise again. They're just so lovely, I can barely stand it. How Louise makes a robe look glamorous is beyond me.

Not to mention, I got some quality time with my wardrobe spirit animal, Nomfundo Msomi. Everyone calls her Nom…and people call me Nam…so, we knew it was meant to be. Here we are, creating the album cover for our band that doesn't actually exist.

All of this almost made up for the fact that my flight got cancelled due to the horrendous weather. It was the first Valentine's Day I would've spent with Charles since we got married (Fashion Week has always kept us apart), but because my flight was no more, so our V-day was also demolished. (Trust me, I almost cried, but held it together when I found out…not to mention, when I went to reschedule, I couldn't find another flight until Monday…3 days later.)

So, the last official day was bittersweet. Seeing my fashion week friends is wonderful and getting to spend time at my New York office is a blast, but being apart from my husband and pup for two weeks was almost too much for my little heart to bear.

With that, I did what any human being would do.

I went to the office on Valentine's Day, worked my little butt off, ate some macaroons, treated myself to a big dinner and went to bed.

Then I went to go stay with my parents for the long President's Day weekend and drown my long-weekend-without-my-hubs sorrows with homecooked meals, quality time with my amazing mother and father, fun times with my bro, sister-in-law, sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephews (yep, they all came to hang with me and I couldn't be more thankful), AND lots of cuddles with my parents' new 4 month old golden retriever, Rex.

But I gotta say, when I finally got back to LA, I couldn't be happier. 65 degrees and sunny upon landing, big hugs and kisses from my husband, a surprise waiting for me in the car (he may or may not have gotten me the leather jacket I was eyeing before I left - Charles wins the Best Husband Ever award yet again), and the most excited dog you'll ever meet when I stepped into our apartment.

Fashion Week, you were amazing, but there's truly no place like home. xo!

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