Fashion Week Survival: Skin (and How Not to Become Beef Jerky in NYC)

So, Fashion Week is nearly upon us, folks…and that's great. This is the my 7th season working with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and TRESemmé and I'm always so happy to see everyone. I love them all to bits.

…and that's so wonderful. Truly. It's such a treat to see people that you adore beyond words…except for the whole freezing-cold-outdoors-overly-heated-indoors-my-face-is-falling-off thing that happens during brutal winters in NYC. And the worst part is that it's not even that cold by New York standards. It was more than 20 degrees colder last week and I'm still complaining.

This is when I realized I've really become quite the Angeleno. I was all ready to hop on the train this morning just like old times and after briskly walking about half a block, I slipped and nearly cracked my head open. So, I changed my mind, hailed a cab and thought "well, I guess I rather sit in traffic for a while than suffer death by black ice or knock my two front teeth out sliding into a random pole or something equally unlikely but would absolutely happen to me."

And after one full work day in my office (yay, I got to see all my NYC co-workers - love you guys), I felt like my skin had shriveled into the facial equivalent of a leather shoe sole that's been sitting in the desert for a good 6 to 8 months. I mean, don't get me wrong. I appreciate the use of heat in my office, but it completely saps the moisture out of every living thing and leaves us all looking about 10 years older than we are after 9 hours of doing jobby things.

And before I even got into the office and was walking halfway down the block, I lost feeling in my fingers (yep, didn't bring my gloves because I'M A GENIUS) and basically felt like a reanimated cadaver.

Extreme cold. Extreme heat. Extremely unhappy skin…which is why, after I got home tonight and got around to finally organizing all the things I had unpacked the night before, I started to see a theme in my skincare…are you seeing a theme? I think you're seeing a theme.

And after taking a shower in the glorious NYC water (that is one things I love beyond words - the water in NYC makes my skin so happy) and slathering on my Tatcha products, my skin is finally feeling better again. I admit, I wasn't as thorough last night due to a late night of eating out and utter exhaustion…which means Nami doesn't do a good job of step-by-step moisturizing and blacks out after a very tumultuous battle with jet lag complete with bad reality TV (yes, I watched the season finale of Vanderpump Rules and LOVED IT), various pillow arrangements and body positions.

Now, you already know how much I love Tatcha…I've gone on about their skin set, their eye cream, their lip balm, and even their hydration mask. HOWEVER, I have yet to tell you about their new Indigo line of products. (Far right in the image above.) Just when I thought my face would stay youthful while the rest of my body withered away into a nothing, I got my dry, sad hands on the body butter and the hand cream.

You know my policy. I won't write about something until I try it for a while and I've been using both of these items for the past 2+ weeks and I gotta tell ya, I'm soooooo happy I brought both with me to NYC. Nothing will reconstitute your jerkied body like this stuff. It's magic…no, seriously. Let me explain.

These products use indigo extract. Which is why the cream is blue. Ancient Japanese folks would call it "Samurai Blue" because the cotton clothing worn by samurai were dyed with this extract. (I've also dealt with it first hand because, BOOM, I did kendo - it's Japanese sword fighting - for 17 years. Bet you didn't know what about me! Anyway, we wore traditional clothing that was indigo-dyed.)

And aside from being fairly light and smooth consistency-wise and very moisturizing, but not greasy (all of these things are a win), indigo is actually also known to relieve certain skin conditions like dermatitis. And for me, a person who often breaks out into rashes when she's anxious or stressed out (read: fashion week is almost here and I have more work than I can shake a stick at) and who has been suffering with itchiness on my jawline and neck the last week or so, this cream has been a jar of heaven. Samurai heaven (obviously) without the hara-kiri or long, intimidating swords…or maybe they're swords that stab dryness to death.

Whatever the case, this has been step one in surviving NYC. Hope you're all staying moisturized and drinking plenty of water because this weather is a skin killer!

And to my loves in LA, go hug a palm tree or two for me. I miss my sunny, breezy, 75 degree days.

Alright, Fashion Week starts on Thursday, so wish me luck. I have lots of prep and I'm going to apologize in advance. I'm armed with just my phone to take photos, so don't expect magazine quality…and feel free to follow me on Instagram to see what I'm up to.

Ok, rambling. I gotta get some sleep! xoxo!

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