Pre-Spring Cleaning: Why Crossroads Is Where It's At!

Dear Piece of Clothing I Haven't Worn in Over a Year,

Spring has nearly sprung and I think it's best if we go our separate ways. We both know it's for the best and I'm sure you'll find someone that will love you the way you truly should be loved. Our relationship has been dragging on. It's time we call it quits.

Your Loving Owner,

P.S. Formal Wear, I'm not talking to you. You'll see your day come when I get invited to an event worthy of your beauteousness.


This is the letter that I write in my head to my clothing every time I get the itch to trim my wardrobe into a super-utilitarian, everything-matches, high-quality, no-fleeting-trends-allowed version of itself. And, really, is there any better time than pre-spring to do a little paring down of your dust-collecting duds?


NEWSFLASH: Apparently, I'm Not a "Real Woman"

So, something happened while I was at Fashion Week and I needed to get it off my chest…

One morning, I was getting ready and had the local news on the telly. All fine and good until the subject of Fashion Week came up, which is totally expected. However, the story was about models versus plus size models.

And here is where my blood started to boil.

Let me preface this all with the fact that I think all women are beautiful in all the shapes and sizes that they come in. Being proud of one's figure is awesome and I fully support this. I also don't condone doing unhealthy things and forcing your body to be any thinner or curvier than it's supposed to be.

Secondly, when it comes down to it, isn't beauty supposed to come from inside? All everyone seems to care about is what's considered outer beauty. What is beautiful? Sexy? Feminine? Ugh.

Now, back to the story…


Sunday Styles no. 52

I'm back in LA! Thank goodness! And that means back to sunshine, cool breezes, palm trees and the ability to walk out of the apartment with just a jacket without fear of a polar vortex…not to mention the additional ability to (get this) take the jacket off because it's warmer in the sun.

I know. Amazing.

So, naturally, I'm taking advantage of my return by wearing comfy clothes this lovely Sunday.


New York Fashion Week: A Retrospective

It was one of those Fashion Weeks, people. The 12-15 hour days for 8 days straight kind of Fashion Week, which would explain my radio silence. Couple that with snow, sleet, and freezing rain, one cancelled flight, a long weekend ruined, and the hopes of spending Valentine's day with my husband for the first time since we've been married dashed. (Insert me shaking my fists at Old Man Winter here.)

Since I've been back, it's been a catch-up game and I finally have enough time to tell you about all of the Fashion Week madness. Ready? Ok, here we go! (Warning: TONS of photos ahead!)


Fashion Week Survival: Skin (and How Not to Become Beef Jerky in NYC)

So, Fashion Week is nearly upon us, folks…and that's great. This is the my 7th season working with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and TRESemmé and I'm always so happy to see everyone. I love them all to bits.

…and that's so wonderful. Truly. It's such a treat to see people that you adore beyond words…except for the whole freezing-cold-outdoors-overly-heated-indoors-my-face-is-falling-off thing that happens during brutal winters in NYC. And the worst part is that it's not even that cold by New York standards. It was more than 20 degrees colder last week and I'm still complaining.

This is when I realized I've really become quite the Angeleno. I was all ready to hop on the train this morning just like old times and after briskly walking about half a block, I slipped and nearly cracked my head open. So, I changed my mind, hailed a cab and thought "well, I guess I rather sit in traffic for a while than suffer death by black ice or knock my two front teeth out sliding into a random pole or something equally unlikely but would absolutely happen to me."