The Unthinkable: Washing My Face Once a Day

Ok, so I'm a clean-freak. Aside from a string of late, late, laaaate nights in college and a handful of nights in my twenties, I've never skipped washing my face before bed. Same with washing my face in the morning. After, more or less, recovering from many years of bad skin in high school and college (thanks, hormones...and by "thanks" I mean "I hate you"), I vowed to always wash, day and night to rid my face of any lurking bacteria that may cause another pimple. Scrubs, masks, lather...all of it.

Of course, in recent years, I've evolved into things like welcoming oil as a cleanser (to combat my "it's oily...and yet, it's dry" skin), moved from harsh scrubs to rice powder, and turned to gentle, barely-lathering cleansers.

But something has happened and I'm going next-level on the less-is-more ladder, people. (I have to calm down with all these hyphens. I think I use hyphens when I'm excited.)

So, get this. I've stopped washing my face in the mornings.

I KNOW. Crazy, right?

Ok, ok. But I haven't gone completely non-cleansing. No one wants see a cruddy-eyed Nami, no matter how much they think her skin looks better. So, here's the deal.

Recently, I got something done that required me to not get water on certain parts of my face...or at least, to try to avoid it when possible. (I'm saving that for another post, so pretend you're not curious about this part. No, I didn't get plastic surgery or tattooed eyeliner. Calm down.)

Now, in the evenings, I have time to be careful and wash around certain areas. However, with my whole "working east coast hours" thing, my mornings are definitely not leisurely. They're kinda panicked, actually. I'm usually in a frenzy the minute I wake up, always thinking I've overslept and then trying to pull myself together and be conscious and sane before my first conference call of the day.

So, being careful about washing my face? Not in the cards.

With that, I decided to go pick up some make-up removing wipes. Granted, my make-up is usually washed off from the evening prior, but there are still things like the aforementioned eye crud and, being a clean freak, you can never be too sure about bacteria or dirt that has somehow mysteriously accumulated on your skin in your sleep...or that you missed, God forbid. Also, my dog sometimes likes to sleep on my, there's that.

Enter these Aveeno Ultra-Calming Make-Up Removing Wipes! I know. I KNOW! Crazy, right? Mrs. Premium Skincare just went and got herself a drug store brand item and is blown away by its awesome powers!

So, the first morning after purchasing this cute little packet of 25 sizable towelettes, I gingerly wiped my face down (discovering some dirt I had not caught from the night before - THE HORROR) and went ahead and applied my various magical serums and creams to my face like I would any other day after a good ol' washin'.

Sadly, my face became an oil spill by midday. No bueno, my friends. I mean, I love blotting papers, but not when I have to use them like tissue during the final, heartwarming ending of a Rom-Com while traveling, alone in a hotel, missing my husband, exhausted from overworking, and riddled with guilt that I'm eating chips at such an ungodly hour. Waterworks, people. LOTS of tissues...or, in this case, oil works? Gross.

It was back to the drawing board, but I wasn't willing to give up so easily!

Mornnig #2, I commenced with the gingerly wipe-down like the morning before, BUT followed it up with a secondary quick pat down with a warm, wet paper towel. I didn't pat down my neck though because it appreciated the extra moisturizing. I finished it off with my usual skin regimen.

I'm happy to report that it was a big success!

No oil slicks! But what I really noticed as I continued to do this for a few more days was how much softer, brighter, and smoother my face was becoming. Not to mention my neck wasn't feeling nearly as dry as it had in the past.

I realize you may be thinking "wiping your face down with that and then a paper towel takes just as long as washing your face!" Well, it doesn't. It just doesn't and there's none of that water-drying-my-face-out-before-moisturizing (HYPHENS!) thing either.

Folks, this is like winning the facial jackpot. Shorter prep time in the morning and better skin?! Are you kidding me?

Not saying my skin every really gets super irritated, but these wipes are "ultra-calming" because they contain Feverfew (it's related to chamomile...and I LOVE chamomile). It leaves your face soothed and least that's what Aveeno says and, ya know what? I've gotta agree with them there.

I'm officially converted! My skin has never looked better and my wallet is singing my praises. With 25 wipes, one pack lasts me almost a month. I did the math. It's saving me money, so cheers to this new routine. I'm never washing my face in the morning again!

Now, am I being a crazy person or is this something you'd try? xo!


  1. I am going to buy these. Putting my toddlers to bed in a dark and quiet room often makes me drift off to sleep with my face unwashed. These wipes sound like the perfect solution. Thanks for posting!
    -Rebecca Sax

    1. Oh, these will be the perfect thing for those quiet, dark nights!
      And you won't even have to pat your face down after using it since you'll be going straight to sleep. :) Hope you love 'em, Rebecca!