Sunday Styles no. 51 (a.k.a OMG. Harem Pants?!)

Oh, this one's a doozy. So, here I am on a beautiful Sunday. It's warm and sunny and I'm really ready to go out and relax...or stay in and relax...maybe kinda do some stuff. Above all...I want to relax. (I'm hoping I got that point across to you.)

So, what better way to do that than to wear something that kind of feels like you're not wearing pants, but isn't so free flowing (skirts) that you have to be careful about sitting, standing, crossing your legs...all that stuff.

Well, I've gone and accomplished that thing I've been wanting to accomplish for a long time...(yes, another one of my silly quests.)

Ladies and gentlemen, I found harem pants that don't make me want to crawl under a figurative fashion rock. Enter these babies. Drop-crotched enough to be a harem pant, but not so much that you look like you may have had an accident in your pants or that you're trying to hide a 2 day old diaper. (Wow, gross visual, Nami.)

Extra points: For those of us less endowed in the posterior & hip area, - in short, me - these help make you look curvier. Hurrah!

After searching around for a pair that works (oh, I had so many failures, I can't even tell you...and so many appalled looks from Charles), I happened upon these yesterday after stuffing a burger in my face. I find shopping after you eat a big meal is a good way to gauge how things fit comfortably. I've learned my lesson after buying high-waisted pants while hungry and almost busting a zipper post-meal. (Uncomfortable stomach pressure? Sign me up!...on opposite day!)

There are a few points to be made about finding a flattering harem pant for someone of my height & stature. Here are some facts based on extensive, self-reflective research:

Mild drop crotch is OK

If the crotch of your pant is at knee level or below, RUN AWAY. (Unless you're Steve Aoki, who, in my opinion, is the only person on earth that can wear the droppiest of crotches.)

High-waisted is a GO

When your harem pant cinches at your natural waist, because of it's fullness in the hip area, it'll accentuate curves and elongate your legs...which you'll definitely need help with - I feel like harem pants are defined as "pants that happen to be excruciatingly comfortable, designed to make your legs look short."

Fitted in the lower calf & ankle is a MUST

Show me harem pants with a wide leg opening and I'll show you the grotesque love child of the MC Hammer pant and palazzo pants. You want the calf to fit...not like spandex, but to show that your legs still have some sort of shape and aren't just a vague concept. The opening should be close to the ankle.

Length should be SPOT ON

If they're too long, your shapely ankles will be attacked by an army of bunching cloth, destroying an sign of shapeliness or loveliness. If they're too short...well that would just be weird.

Dark, solid colors are a GOOD CALL

This is more of an opinion, but if you're just starting your foray into this tricky piece of clothing, go with solid colors first until you find the fit that's perfect for you. Where you go with patterns from there is up to you. The world will be your drop-crotched oyster.

Not too loose or tight is RIGHT

Ok, this is one of the trickiest things about the harem pant. These pants are supposed to be on the loose side through the hips and thighs. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to really walk...but if they're too loose, you get diaper-butt. If they're too tight, they may end up looking like horribly-tailored, non-denim, fancy Mom jeans.

An important note...

If you want to show off your butt, this piece of clothing is not for you. If, however, you want to have fun waving your butt around, singing things like "drooooopy butt," then you're gonna love these. They have been the inspiration for a whole new slew of random songs I now serenade Charles to while bustin' out choice dance moves like the running man and that MC Hammer spin. (I swear, I did that this morning...and pre-coffee. I'm surprised I didn't knock half the things down in our coffee shop.)

My friend lovingly called me a ninja...and I'm more than ok with that. friends.

Yay, cat friends apparently like harem pants.

Be careful, my dear readers. The road ahead is treacherous, but well worth the trouble. I hope what I've discussed here will help you find your perfect pair because, in all honesty, these pants make me insanely happy. I'm so comfortable, but so far from anything resembling a sweatpant, yoga pant, or legging. (C'mon, let's all take a minute to admit that patterned leggings are like a gift from the fashion gods.) It's a new step in the advancement of my closet and I couldn't be more pleased.

Happy Sunday! xo!

A Note About the Clothing: All Saints Belvedere Leather Jacket, American Apparel Cotton Spandex Long Sleeve Off Shoulder Top (Black), American Apparel Cotton Spandex Jersey Harem Pant (Black) , Jeffrey Campbell 'In Love' Flat (Black/Black Patent)

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  1. I had this idea the other day to make...... harem basketball shorts!!!! They'd be fitted at the bottom of the leg and probably come to just below the knee. They might end up hideous but I'm gonna make a sample and see! I loved reading your post on this, I recently found the one pair of pleated cropped pants that fit me and a lot of the criteria is the same: high waist, right length, not baggy in the ankles.