Sunday Styles no. 50

So, I make it a point not to rub the frostbitten noses of my east coast friends and family in the lush, sunny, dry, warm beautifulness that is Los Angeles in January...despite the occasional jabs at Angelenos that I get from my Brooklynite comrades and Lower East Side buddies.

Hey, people, I lived 29 of my (almost) 33 years on the east coast, the latter years split between Brooklyn and Manhattan proper. I've battled snowstorms, April showers, humid summers...all of it. I didn't leave NYC because I hated it. I left because my now-husband threw a ring on it, I had the job that could be done remotely, and I felt like I needed a change.

I've officially been in LA for over 3 years now...the first two years were pretty tough. I missed a lot of things: great public transportation, being near my family, great food (ok, LA's got that), great boutiques (LA's got that just need to drive everywhere to find stuff), and easy access to all of my friends at any given time.

I still miss all of those things (mostly my friends and family - hey, guys, feel free to visit me whenever you want), BUT the one thing I don't miss is the weather. Sure, spring & autumn in NYC are magical. They also only last about two weeks.

Meanwhile, here in LA, it's almost never below 60 during the day and most days hover in the 70's and 80's...and even when it does creep into the 90's or over 100, there's no humidity, so you don't feel like you're residing in an armpit. For someone who gets cold really easily, it's a little slice of heaven. I still enjoy layering (I wear my parka when it's in the 60's, I kid you not), but have found myself in a t-shirt & jeans in the middle of the winter months. (I swear, I'm not trying to rub it in. Just stating facts.) Basically, this place is in a perpetual state of spring or fall all year round.

Additionally, having a total of about a month annually (!) of gloominess or rain has been a godsend. (Even though today is decidedly gloomy by LA standards - BOO.) I never knew just how much vitamin D I needed until I was here. I smile more. I laugh more. I'm more likely to venture outside instead of holing up and playing videogames for half the day (which still happens from time to time, but less so.)

So, this Sunday Styles is dedicated to my appreciation for LA in January. It's sweatshirt & jeans weather. And nothing makes me look less like I rolled out of bed and elevates a sweatshirt like my trench coat. The Converse keep me from looking too formal because, hey, it's Sunday and sometimes I don't feel like looking completely polished. I like a good casual look.

Topt it off with a good ol' pull-it-up-cuz-it's-in-the-way ponytail and I'm set for the day.

Luckily, despite the mild gloom, I'm not in a constant state of goosebump and the breezes are refreshing as opposed to unrelenting and face-immobilizing. Thanks, Los Angeles.

Also, Mr. Merlin got a bath, we're off to a good start!

Maybe I'm just getting older, but it turns out I don't really need to prove that I can survive a snowpocalypse. I know, right? Now, I can comfortably focus my anxieties on other things I need to prove to people. (WAIT, I don't need to prove anything to anyone! - Is this the part where I feel older & wiser? I certainly am starting to feel the former a little.)

It took me a long time to realize that it's nice here. I was too busy making the east coast out to be the best place to live, but it's time I enjoy what I've got. I think I can finally call this place my home. (I'm sure the husband is jumping for joy - I know he's always had a mild feeling of guilt for taking me away from everything I love, but if it weren't for him, I never would've made such a drastic change. So, thank you, Charles.)

Anyway, to all my east coast friends and family, I'm sending you virtual sunshine and warmth. I'm just glad you all survived the polar vortex without any bursting pipes or lost body parts - frostbite is a dangerous bedfellow! Hopefully, you're spending this Sunday cozied up with your loved ones under blankets and having a great time. Know that I still miss you all like crazy.

...and, in the meantime, if you ever make fun of LA again...well, that's ok. I'll be too busy enjoying the weather to notice. xo!

A Note About the Clothes: Burberry Long Cotton Gabardine Slim Fit Trech CoatMadewell Bien Fait Sweatshirt (true black), A Gold E "Colette' Skinny Jeans (Dark Knight), Converse Chuck Taylor Classics (Natural White)


  1. Been loving your blog! I have never commented on anyone's...despite being an internet addicted lurker for years. Loved your last post as well. I find making lists quells anxiesomnia...

    Also, making comments via ipad is tedious business!

    1. ERMERGERD! Thanks for breaking your Internet Lurker silence, Hana!
      I can totally relate. I'm a total lurker too.

      I really appreciate you poppin' in to say hi.
      Make me feel less like I'm writing into a void. :)

      And as for the quelling of anxiesomnia, I hear ya, sister. I hear ya.

      Thanks again!
      I'll be sure to keep on keepin' on.
      Hope you're new year's off to a good start!


  2. Chic as always, Nami! And your trench coat and white Chucks scream 10th Doctor to me :)
    I've always been a California girl (northern Cali), so I'm a stranger to "real winter weather." But isn't it nice to be spoiled with perpetual amounts of spring and fall-like weather year round? I think so! Except for when I lived in the bay area it was always foggy in Daly City -- it gave me a strong case of seasonal depression. o,0

    Take care my DSS!

    ♡ Nina

    1. The 10th Doctor!!! That might be the best compliment I've ever gotten!

      And as for being a Cali girl, be thankful. No one should have to deal with the unforgiving weather of the east coast if they can help it...and since I'm also a major sufferer of SAD, I can relate to the glooms. Grey weather makes me want to play videogames ALL day and not get out of my PJs, which is pretty unproductive, as it turns out.

      Hope your 2014 is going well so far!
      Tons of love, my DSS!