Quote of the Week: Resolutions

While everyone else is writing up their epic novels about what they're going to accomplish in 2014, I'm busy trying to unpack delivered boxes (of my own things from my parents' place - sorry, not anything glamorous), make it to a dentist appointment (across town in LA - a.k.a potential for massive traffic), and cook dinner (in hopes of not ordering delivery every day). I'm lucky if I have enough time to peruse my favorite website or read the book of short stories I've been slowly chipping away at for more than 10 minutes.

Also, have you ever tried renewing your passport after getting married? (I got married over 2 years ago...I'm slow.) Turns out I need to write a formal request for a certified copy of my marriage license before even filling out my passport renewal forms or attempting to get semi-flattering (so not happening) passport photos.

Oh, the things that needs to get done. ALL THE THINGS...

Long term goals are great, people. They are. They give us something to strive for in the future, but I've become a great believer in coming up with what needs to get done every day. Call them it a checklist. Whatever.

I say, make a list at the beginning of each day of what you want to accomplish. Anything from "read for 20 minutes" to "get groceries" to "write for an hour." Make the list visible to yourself and feel the joy of checking off each thing as you get it done. For slightly larger goals, break them down into smaller steps. (As in "mail formal request for marriage certificate copy" versus "get all documents for passport renewal.")

I find it's a much more mentally healthy way of going about things. Big things give me anxiety. Little things do not. So, here's to the new year and all the little, non-anxiety-causing things we'll all get done! Back to checking things off my list! xo!

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