I'm Enthusiastic About: Tatcha's Camelia Nourishing Lip Balm

Ok, so if you read this blog, you know that I'm constantly questing after things. Recently, I thought I had found the lip balm of my dreams...and I did...for night time. Alas, the lip balm was a bit too thick for daytime and with even the slightest breeze, I was left with half my hair stuck to my mouth. (My husband loves driving with the windows down...and I love it too. I'm like the human equivalent to an over-excited dog when he rolls them down and I get that shot of Cali sun...except for the whole hair-lip issue.) The sun in my face. The wind in my hair. My hair on my lips...not cool.

That and the consistency is so thick and sticky that I found myself trying to find a place to clean my finger off after every application. (I really need to put tissues in my bag.) I may or may not have used my pant leg or the lining of my bag on several occasions...but don't wipe your finger off on black pants. I learned the hard way.

And despite being a great lip balm, it was so thick that it made my lipstick slip right off. SAD...and a waste of lipstick. It is now sitting on my night stand, ready for me to slather it on before passing out for the night. I sleep on my back most nights, so no goopy pillows. Phew. So, all in all, it's still a goodie.

MEANWHILE, back at the Enthusiasm Cave (which is the less cavernous, less cut-out-of-stone, slightly better decorated, but less high-tech version of the Batcave...without a butler - insert sad face) it was time to get back on my figurative horse to go galloping into the beauty wilderness in search of the perfect (because, apparently, everything has to be perfect) daytime lip balm. (I know. I never thought I'd see the day that I would require a daytime AND night time lip balm. My 5 year old self is so confused right now...confused and also sporting chapped lips...which brings us to the present day.)

Well, it turns out my horse didn't have to travel very far because the clouds parted and a Tatcha Camelia Nourishing Lip Balm was magically carried down to my doorstep by an angel geisha for the was a Christmas geisha.

Now, I'm not going to go into my massive love-fest obsession with camelia oil right now (OH, camelia how. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!), but all I can say is...nectar of the gods.

This lip balm is light, moisturizing, and goes on super thin. So, no lipstick casualties and no hair-to-mouth complications...even in a tornado, my lips would be hair strand-free, which is awesome. Though, in a tornado, that probably wouldn't be my first concern. (Probably more like my 4th...I'M KIDDING.)

Despite it going on thin, it doesn't disappoint. Just an FYI, it doesn't smell fruity or fragrant. It's fragrance-free and that's fine by me. Utilitarian with beautiful packaging and great results.

And get this. It comes with a super-fancy square of 24-karat gold leaf on top. I mean, that is FAAAANCY. Sorry that the lip balm in the photo has a big ol' hole in the gold square, but I had to test it out and how can you NOT touch the gold the minute you open the box?


Here's a musical interlude to celebrate this lip balm...

Now back to our regularly scheduled program...


This lip balm basically makes me want to sing this song all day long.

Another perk? A little goes a loooong way. I've been using it pretty consistently and this thing doesn't have a dent in it yet. I wonder just how long it'll end up lasting me. At this rate, I feel like I'll get a year out of it at least!

This lip balm is both incredibly nourishing (so, it's totally not a misnomer) and protective. Camelia oil is also rich in antioxidants, so that never for the 24-karat gold. As Tatcha says, it's about "celebrating the geisha's timeless practice of elevating the ever day to exquisite."

I'm ready to elevate. Let's get exquisite together! Goldfinger, signing off! xo!


  1. This made me giggle. Now I will be singing "Goldfinger" every time I apply this. Just got some of the Indigo products today (Renewal Cream and Body Butter) and am wishing it was already smurftime/bedtime. Redness be gone.

    1. Oh, girl, I've been singing "Goldfingaaaaaa~" all day.
      Happy to be meeting another Tatcha enthusiast and, OMG, I got the Indigo products too.
      I'm gonna start using them soon.
      I can't wait!

      Tatcha 4 Lyfe!

      Cheers to your (obviously) gorgeous skin, Rebecca!
      Thanks for stoppin' in! Glad I got you to giggle.

      Laughs make everything better!


      P.S. Goldfingaaaaaa~ (I had to get it in there one more time.)

  2. since winning them Tatcha's from you, I have been hooked. I have eczema so their Indigo line is super calling my name. Now this lipbalm is calling my name!

    1. Welcome to the Hotel Tatcha-fornia.
      Such a lovely place...(for) such a lovely face.

      I could go on, but you get what I'm sayin'.
      Glad I was able to turn you on to them, girl.
      I'm so in love with them, I don't even know where to begin.

      AND THE INDIGO LINE...ermergerd. I can't wait to try it out.
      You'll have to let me know how it does with your eczema. The husband has skin issues and it might be just the thing for him.

      In the meantime, I'm gonna try it out and I'll be sure to write a review in the next few weeks!

      Cheers to your beautiful skin, lovely!