I'm Enthusiastic About: My A.P.C. High-Heel Boots

So, I've been on, what seems like, an unending quest to find the perfect heeled ankle boot...

True, there are many, many, maaaaany pairs out there. Practically every store has at least one pair lurking in the shoe section and it took months of trial and error to find a pair that fit both my "I'm only buying quality investment pieces from here on out" philosophy (which I'm still trying to adhere to, despite the torturously fast turnaround of beautiful trends flitting about) and my "I don't wanna go broke" mantra.

This is why the holiday season is so magical.

Because holiday sales make you feel like you're not going broke and if you, by chance, have a significant other who also knows about your unforgiving, sartorial quests, there's this thing called "gifting." It's a strong enemy of not-broke-ness. In fact, it's the antithesis of it.

So, there I was, traipsing around Bond St. with my dear friend, Elizabeth, and my darling husband when we happened upon the A.P.C store, all hidden away in the dark on a particularly balmy, 70 degree (!!!!!) winter day in Manhattan. Naturally, we went in because I like to walk through the store and touch every piece of clothing like a kid in a candy store. Not to mention, the store's design is gooooorgeous.

Whilst pawing at a painfully basic (is it just me or is it hard to find basic anything these days), but alarmingly beautiful sweater, Charles pointed at a pair of boots.

"Those are really nice," said my husband who is incredibly picky about leather quality and shoe construction.

"They are," I said in passing as I moved on to the next piece of beautiful clothing to try to not rub my face against.

"You should try them on!" He said with a ferocious enthusiasm.

In truth, I was scared. I usually don't try on anything I deem too expensive for my current financial state (I'm totally financially secure, thankyouverymuch. Just trying to save a little bit!) for fear that it will be the perfect thing that I just have to have...because I have no shoes whatsoever...right? (No.) For all intents and purposes, let's just pretend I had fabric wrapped around my feet because I owned nothing close to a functioning pair of shoes.

...which is why I was forced to try them on.

...and so I did. And, as suspected, they were perfect.

I stood in front of the mirror and gawked at my feet. I walked around and asked Elizabeth her opinion. She thought they were really nice. (Oh, no! Stylish friend approval!) I hopped from foot to foot in hopes that they would suddenly feel really uncomfortable.

Nope. No dice.

And as I fell into a resigned silence, knowing that these were the ones, Charles looked up from my feet and said, "let me get them for you! Christmas gift!"

The saleswoman mentioned they were on sale, which quickly made my wife-guilt recede (a little bit.) "REALLY?!" I said with wide-eyed glee.

"Of course!" (Leave it to my husband to know a beautiful shoe when he sees one. 500 sartorial points for Charles.) With that, he ushered me to sit down and take them off so he could get them rung up.

And that, my friends, is the story of how I came to be the owner of these perfect ankle boots.
Beautiful leather, beautiful soles, a substantial heel that keeps me from feeling like I may teeter to my death and can easily avoid that whole "heel lodged in a sidewalk crack" thing, a heel height that combats my shorter stature, and the most simple, but beautiful design.

My favorite part, aside from these delectable pieces of artistry being a thoughtful gift and well-constructed, is that despite their simple design, the large opening gives them a modern feel (and I don't have to stress about weird fabric bunching if ever I want to wear them with various pants, tights, or socks.)

It was a Christmas miracle and another investment piece I can check off my list. CHECK! (That's the sound of me checking it off my list.)

Do you have a favorite pair of ankle boots? (Not like I'm looking anymore - or so I say.) If so, which ones do you love?

Get your own pair of A.P.C High Heel Boots here. (They're on sale!)


  1. Those are spectacular! Great investment piece!

    1. Now I know I made the right choice.

      I'm good to go. :)

      Hope you had a great holiday, my lovely!