Sunday Styles no. 48

Oh, hey! How was your Thanksgiving weekend?
Mine? Just the usual. Overeating, watchin' movies, obsessively watching documentaries on mammals, and hangin' out with my two favorite dudes - Mr. Merlin & Charlesband, if you didn't know who I was talking about.

And here we are. The final day of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and I'm loungin' hard with a new favorite piece of clothing.

I'm sure you're aware, but sweatshirts are back! (Hurrah!) But not your old school sports team or gigantically branded sweatshirts of decades past with hoodies and unflattering fits that are made for those mornings you awake from a week-long bender with no recollection of what happened (and who is that weird man passed out in your bathroom?)

Ok, I'm overdramatizing. I wasn't that kinda lady back in the day, but I did have my share of lazy days (and still do.)

With that said, the new crop of sweatshirts are minimally branded, neutral in color, fitted in a "this is a boyfriend sweatshirt if my boyfriend were only one size bigger than me and shaped like a girl" way - seriously, "boyfriend" anything is a sham. It just means "a little bit bigger" - and stupidly comfortable.

I've decided to up the academic ante today with a little collegiate flair (read: collared shirt and loafers) to make my comfy new sweatshirt seem slightly pulled together. Why I need to do that is beyond me. I'm just planning on boppin' around the neighborhood and finding a new book to read. (Intense goals, I know.)

Whatever the case, I'm a fan of the return of the sweatshirt and plan on wearing this new piece any chance I get. Oh, and I cut my bangs again because...I dunno. I get bored with my hair and the only way to not lop it all off is to go with bangs. Bangs & sweatshirts. Win.

Now, off to do something...or possibly nothing. All I know is I need to soak up as much of this Cali sun before dusk. Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend and find a sweatshirt of your own to dress up or dress down as you see fit. (I never thought "dressing up a sweatshirt" would have been a thing 5 years ago while I hissed at various hoodies with sartorial loathing. Looks like I'm a convert!) xo!

A Note About the Clothes: Madewell Layup Sweatshirt, J. Crew Factory Cap Shirt in End-On-End (Classic Navy), American Apparel Stretch Twill High-Waist Side Zipper Shorts (Jet Black), American Apparel Opaque Over-the-Knee Socks (Black), G.H. Bass Original Weejun Loafers (Black)


  1. Hi babe! Lovely meeting you yesterday! I really like your blog, which program do you use for your text on pictures, it all looks amaze!! I've started following you on Bloglovin' as well :-)

    Big kiss! xoxo

  2. Hey, Love!

    It was great meeting you toooo!
    Thanks for checking out the blog. Yours is spectacular!
    I've used photoshop for years to create all the images. :) (Used to be a graphic designer, so that helps.)

    Keep your eyes out for a Bloglovin' follow in a bit!
    Hope you're well and not too tired from all the travel! ;)


  3. You're welcome! And thank you! Ok, good to know. Now I really think it's time for me to go ahead and do a little Photoshop course ;-)!

    Big kiss!