I'm Enthusiastic About: Salsit's Ryder Leggings!

Um. Newsflash, people. Los Angeles is cold! Mother Nature decided last week to just drop the temps on all of us, causing mass hysteria by way of clothing confusion. I've been in a state of shock and haven't been able to figure out what in the world to wear lately. That and I've become the world's biggest weather wimp.

To think, I used to power through New York City winters like it was nothing and now the thought of any temp below 50 makes me want to hibernate in my apartment all day, camping out in front of my
heater with my dog in my robe and socks. Ridiculous. Who am I? What became of the vivacious, cold-loving, layer wizard I once was? Who can say.

But no matter. I lucked out! My friends over at invited me to view their new collection last week. They just recently relaunched their site with a super-focused first round of great clothes. Also, can we just talk about the price point? CRAZY affordable!

I also had the pleasure of meeting the ever-traveling and drop-dead gorgeous Noor - the Queen of Jetlags and the wide-eyed, doll-like beauty, Natalie Lebo. Good times were had by all. You can check out more from our hang here.

(From left: Natalie, Hagar, Luyanda, some weirdo - oh, wait, that's me, and Noor)

We sat around over mimosas and snacks, chattin' fashion inspo and I was telling them if an equestrian, a punk, and an 18th century British gentleman all walked into a bar and had a ménage à trois, I would be born.

So, what a surprise and a delight (almost like fate) to snag these faux leather trimmed "Ryder" leggings! (You can get them here.) They're basically the child of an equestrian and a punk. Perfect, perfect. AND the quality can't be beat. These aren't your run-of-the-mill, paper-thin, turn-invisible-after-one-wash type of leggings. They're nice and thick and the faux leather feels super soft and luxurious.

And at $25 USD, these babies are a steal! I have a feeling these will be getting some major wear! Not only that, but they're super versatile and can be styled a million ways! So, big thanks to the Salsit team! You're bringing me one step closer to keeping my gams warm in this strange weather while keeping my punky equestrianism inspiration alive and my style cred intact!

Check out more from Salsit here and treat yourself to a little (highly affordable) something for your holidays! And don't forget to stay warm! xo!

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