Break Time!

Hey All!

I think it's pretty obvious I've been busy with the holiday season. (Who isn't?!)  What with all the traveling and family to see. So, I'm officially taking a break till the new year. No worries, it'll be here in no time and I'm sure you're all super busy with your own family festivities anyway.

In the meantime, you can follow my Instagram feed here if you really need to know what I'm up to (including the fact that MY PARENTS GOT A NEW PUPPY - #RexTheRetriever.)

I promise to try to post at least one photo a day.

So, with that, I'm wishing you all a happy holiday and may your time off be relaxing, rewarding, and full of self-reflection (cuz that's what we all do at the end of each year, am I right?)

I'll see you in 2014! xoxo!

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