An Enthusiastic Holiday Gift Guide (Part 6): For the Hipster

Ok, we're nearly done, folks! We're on Day 6 of our holiday gift guide and, rest assured, there's a light at the end of this tunnel, m'friend. You've almost completed nailing it with the gift giving this year. Feel free to bask in the awesomeness that is you as #1 gift-giver of the season!

So, today's guide is for those of our friends who will deny till the end of time what they actually are because admitting your one makes you not one...or something. It's complicated and nuanced and very "now." Originally spotted as mustache-obsessed, painfully ironic heathens, these friends and family have somehow carved a spot in our hearts with their vintage (or seemingly vintage) t-shirts and rare, bespoke suspenders made from shetland pony hair and hard-to-find red dye that's only produced in limited quantities from an old factory in Nebraska.

Yep, today's guide is for (you guessed it) THE HIPSTER!

Listen, I have plenty of hipster friends, but they've earned their stripes. They've aged like a fine wine and are now adult hipsters who are a blast to hang out with. To be honest, I'm quite fond of them...and I'm even more fond of them when they know what they are and own it.

So, what do we get these waxed-stached, 90's windbreaker wearin', obscure-band-knowin' creatures of indie culture?

Find links to these items below!

Under $25

3 Pairs of A.J. Morgan Goucher Sunglasses (Get them here.)

So, no hipster is complete without a really awesome pair of sunnies. This goes for both men & women. However, gone are the days of everyone wearing those damn wayfarers. Ugh. So sick of those things...and in all those bright colors. Blech.

Now, here's the best part. A lot of sites sell these A.J. Morgan sunglasses for somewhere around $20 each, but I just found them on the A.J. Morgan site for $4.00 EACH!!!!! Which means you can get them a pair in every color without breaking the bank...but your giftee doesn't have to know that. They'll just think you're the cat's limited edition, handmade pajamas constructed of rare bee's knees from the south of France. 

And you don't have to give them death glare or indirect guilt if they lose them. You can be the sympathetic friend who's all, "it's ok. Things happen. As long as you enjoyed them while you had them."

You're such an understanding person.

$25 - $50

Zippo Brass Lighter (Get it here.)

Lighters are really useful. If you smoke, yes, you'll use them pretty often. However, if you don't, you'll inevitably still have plenty of times in life that will call for fire. Need to relight your pilot light? Found yourself  in a Shining-esque hedge maze after dark? Going to an old school concert and want to use an actual lighter instead of the lighter app on your phone? Need to light a candle for a romantic dinner? How many birthday parties have we been to where people have the cake & candles ready, but no one has a damn lighter.

Time to make your gift-receiver the harbinger of flames. They'll basically be the hipster, modern version of the Egyptian Sun God, Ra. Except classier and without the head of a jackal...and probably wearing a "I Had a Wild Time at Jen's Bat Mitzvah!" t-shirt.

Whatever the situation, this brass lighter is stylish. Period. And for a little over $50 (I think it's $52), you can get up to three letters or numbers engraved on it for an extra special touch. Maybe you want to go with something like the giftee's initials...hey, maybe you want to put YOUR initials on it just to remind them who this gorgeous gift was from. All I can say is, choose wisely.

In time, this lighter will become a well-worn piece that your friend will always have around. Dare I say, it might be something they could pass on to their kids.

...So, maybe you should steer away from getting "A$$" engraved on there, buddy.

$50 - $100

Pendleton Prineville Cap (Portland Collection) (Get it here.)

Hipster or not, this cap is awesome. I've been eyeing it at my local coffee shop for the last month, wondering if I should be so irresponsible as to buy myself something when there are other gifts to get other people. (Not to mention the money I put down on my new lease, travel expenses, and other monetary responsibilities - UGH, BEING AN ADULT IS THE WORST!)

But back to this cap. It's from Pendelton's Portland Collection and if Portlandia has taught us anything aside from "put a bird on it" and that making jewelry is a away to actually make money these days (thanks, Etsy!) it's that it's one of the biggest hipster kingdom's in the entire universe. So, naturally, this cap makes sense for your closest, hippest, friends who naturally waft hormones of hipstery goodness.

I tried it on and it's not only super fashionable, it's also high-quality, beautifully structured, and exceptionally warm for a baseball cap. Not to mention the design isn't too in-your-face, but is definitely not as generic as your usual sports team branding (though hipsters might wear this branding ironically.)

Give the gift of Neue Hipster Style (I made that phrase up.) Move over, 1995 World Series hat. Hello, Prineville cap.

Over $100

Crosley CR6249A-BK Keepsake Portable USB Turntable (Black) (Get it here.)

Know a hipster who loves their vinyl? Yes, vinyl is great. Nothing feels as cozy and warm as the subtle scritchy-scratchy that comes over the low-fi speakers as you spin your favorite Carpenters record (I'm actually their biggest fan), but you can't really hook up your turntable to your car's speaker system...well, not without great effort. And you definitely can't go from one song to another by a different artist without some searching, careful re-sleeving, unsleeving, undusting and all that.

Yeah, yeah. Don't gimme that "it's about the process" mumbo-jumbo, Johnny.

I think they'd hate to admit it, but sometimes vinyl lovers wish they could bring the soothing sounds of their large-disced friends on the road without 5 milk crates.

And that's where this gift comes in!

The Crosley Keepsake Turntable allows you to rip your favorite records and make your old-school music into digital convenience! And you can use it to play records too...also convenient. (So much convenience! We're staring at the future here, folks!) Granted, they might initially scoff and you can give them a gift receipt, but I'll bet my most obscure Twizzler Lips zip-up hoodie that they'll give it a try in the privacy of their own Airstream trailer.

So, time to give the gift of easily portable music and to plan a week-long vinyl listening party to help your friend or family member transfer over all of their rarest records.

They'll thank you later when they don't end up like this guy:

Don't you just wanna go over and slap this guy up side the head? I know I do.

So, no more eye-rolling. It's time to celebrate your favorite hipsters and help them along in their journey towards a better, classier bow-tied, at-home-beer-making, limited edition flannel-wearing, Kinfolk subscribing adult life of awesomeness. You might just fool them into thinking you're a hipster...but, wait. MAYBE YOU ARE!

Keep on keepin' on, hipster gift-giver.

Stay tuned for our final installment - An Enthusiastic Holiday Gift Guide (Part 7): For Young Adults - tomorrow! xo!

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