An Enthusiastic Holiday Gift Guide (Part 5): For the Homebody

Our holiday gift guide continues today with Day 5! Kinda frightening how quickly the week is going by, yeah? That's ok though. With all these gift guides being flung at your head daily, I'm hoping to save you some gift shopping stress...or make you feel really guilty that you haven't gotten it done yet. (I'm kidding about the latter...kinda.)

So, today's gift guide is one that I hold close to my heart because, well, I fall into this category. As the winter months settle in on us and the amount of comfort food and Netflixed documentaries increases at an alarming rate, perhaps its safe to say that we all can relate to this particular type of person.

Who am I referring to? THE HOMEBODY!

Yep. Whether your friends & family are homebodies by choice or they just had a new baby and are kind of chained to their house with very little sleep or patience, this guide is sure to bring a little joy. Our goal? To bring a taste of the outside world indoors. Now, what do we get for people who love being home so much?

Find links to these items below!

Under $25

A 10 inch Croton Petra Plant (Get it here.)

Ok, so I have one of these plants. Charlesband and I found her (we named her Bennie) during my last trip out to LA before our final break-up (which led to Charlesband's proposal 3 months later, but that's another story.) Charlesband was living a bachelor's life back then and what he really needed was a plant that wouldn't die very easily.

Enter the Croton Petra. This plant is one hearty little creature. Whether it's sitting in direct sunlight in an apartment where you can't control the zealous heating system to a slightly shadowy corner in a chillier abode, the Croton Petra will survive and give your homebody's residence a good dose of color.

If there's one thing I can't live without, it's plants. Plants make everything better. They're living companions that don't need daily walks, don't need you to be their live-in therapist, and don't use (and not wash) the dishes. BEST . ROOMMATE . EVER.

Another great thing about this plant? It's from Home Depot and if your plant dies, I'm pretty sure I heard that they'll replace it for no charge. So, it's worth a try, even for your least greenthumbed friends. And if you decide to actually purchase it from Home Depot in person, why not throw in a nice lookin' pot while you're there, gift-giver.

$25 - $50

1949 French Desktop Globe (Get it here.)

"If I could give you the world, I would" is no longer something you have to say, because it's possible. YOU CAN!

Say hello to this gorgeous replica of a 1949 French globe! Why 1949? It happened to be a time when the Middle East and Germany were in transitional points in their histories if you must know, Dr. I'm-Suddenly-a-Curious-Historian.

With a gorgeous iron & wood design, this beauty definitely doesn't feel cheap. Complete with "borders and place names that tell of stories of conquest and liberation, fallen empires, rising republics, revolution, and hard-won independence" (Restoration Hardware's super-dramatic wording. Not Mine.) it's one of those decorative pieces that can also teach you a thing or two.

Also, who doesn't want a globe? (We have two in our apartment and have, admittedly, spent a few dinners spinning them around and discussing places we want to vacation, interesting city names, and exotic adventures.)

Useful decoration is so much cooler than useless decoration. Am I right?

$50 - $100

Prism Terrarium (Get it here.)

Oh, look. I'm trying to bring the outdoors inside again, but this time it's up to the giftee. Terrariums are awesome, but also very personal. It's hard to find just the right one with just the right plant-life residing inside in just the way you want it.

So, why not urge your homebody to take an hour out of their day to build their own? This prism terrarium is gorgeous all by itself, but can also house a little chlorophyllic family to keep your friend company during those long Breaking Bad binges. If they're feeing extra insecure about their terrarium-building capabilities, they can always take this baby to a local nursery to get some help.

At 9" x 9" x 9", it's a force of plant-displaying power to be reckoned with. The top swings open easily for misting and ventilation as well. So, Team Good-Design gets a point there.

It's also a dodecahedron! (That means it has 12 sides.) You can tell them that when they open the gift to cause brief confusion followed by silent approval. Trust me, your friend will use that word later when they're going on to their own friends about the gorgeous terrarium you got them.

If all else fails, I'm pretty sure it's strong enough for them to just fill it with candy. So, there's that.

Over $100

Untitled, c. 1956 (Rothko Framed Print) (Get it here.)

I'm a big supporter of the visual arts, but everyone has different tastes. Surrealism? Impressionism? Dada? The list goes on. For every Rauschenberg lover, there are 3 Van Gogh fans. For every Sargent admirer, you'll find 4 Matisse fanatics. It's just hard to pin down what anyone really likes (unless you nose around their home & check out their bookshelves for any sign of art books, you nosey, nosey, nosey person!)

What I have found is that most everyone is accepting of Rothko. Which is why I suggest this gorgeous framed work of art to decorate a wall of your homebody's residence. Rothko's are soothing for the most part. They're complex in their simplicity and, if nothing else, bring a nice splash of color to an apartment or house without being too irritating.

I love high-quality, framed art prints. They make my home life so much more enriched. So, if your homebody isn't feeling like huffing it to the local Museum, then gift them a little piece of art to call their very own and find comfort in the fact that you're giving them something interesting to look at that also happens to be a reminder of your exceptional taste.

Way to bring the world home, gift-giver. You're doing great!

So, cheers to our homebody friends, wherever they may be (that was a joke - they're home...obviously). May your gifts to them bring them a little taste of the outside world and a whole lot of cozy inspiration...AND, possibly, some motivation to go out and do something once in a while!

Stay tuned for An Enthusiastic Holiday Gift Guide (Part 6): For the Hipster tomorrow! xo!

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