An Enthusiastic Holiday Gift Guide (Part 3): For the Literati

Day three of my holiday guide already? Time is whizzing by and we have so much more to discuss! So many more gifts to buy for our friends and family and so few hours in which to do it. Thankfully, there's online shopping and some really great holiday-hustling going on with e-retailers these days. Thanks, Internet.

With that in mind, we're moving on to our next installment of gifts. And who do we have in mind today? THE LITERATI!

That's right, folks. We have to think about our more bookish friends. Whether they're just obsessive readers or avid writers, everyone's got somebody in their life who's a fan of literary endeavors. So, what if you're not that type of person? Or maybe you're worried that they don't love Murakami or Tolstoy as much as you do. What if they've already (impressively) made it through all of Dostoyevsky's novels?

THEN what do you get them?

Have no fear, my dears. Here's part 3 of my Enthusiastic Holiday Gift Guide for our reading/writing friends & family members!

Find links to these items below!

Under $25

Taschen's Bookstand (Get it here.)

Hardcore readers & writers will likely have at least one book that they're incredibly proud of, so give them the gift of interior design with the added bonus of showing off by giving them this modern bookstand by Taschen. It's clear, so it's visually adaptable to any sort of setting and can carry the heft of even the biggest tomes with no problem.

Whether they use it to hold up a ginormous book that's a nuisance to flip through or to display their first edition of Webster's Dictionary blessed by the original free masons that's now beautifully weather-beaten and incredibly rare, it's a gift that is not only useful, but easy on the eyes (because it's basically invisible.)

It's time they give their books some of the spotlight instead of squirreling them away in a bookcase. Snore!

$25 - $50

A 1-year Gift Subscription to the Paris Review (Get it here.)

Here's another one of those gifts that just keeps on giving. (I'm a big fan of that concept.) For an avid reader or an accomplished (or fresh-on-the-scene) writer, the Paris Review is a must quarterly magazine of fantastic creative work - fiction, poetry, interviews. It's a fantastic way to stay on top of what's out there. Think of it as literary oxygen.

Not only that, but a print subscription will also give your friend or family member access to their digital issues to enjoy on their iPad or iPhone - interviews, back issues, their archival collection and more. They just need to download the app.

Now, take a minute to bask in the glory of the undoubted surprise & delight you'll elicit from your gift-receiver when they realize that their gift will come not once, not twice, not even thrice...but four times throughout the year as a constant reminder of what an awesome person you are and how you're so in-tune with who they are and what they want.

Man, you're the ultimate gift-giver. Pat yourself on the back.

$50 - $100

Restoration Hardware Vice Bookends (Get them here.)

Now, I'm pretty sure your literary receiver of gifts has a few books lying around. Perhaps these books are of a size that doesn't fit in their bookshelf or they've run out of bookshelf space (the horror!) So, why not give them the gift of making any surface a bookshelf?

These hardcore bookends won't let any of their multi-paged companions tumble over. And the bookends themselves are like little works of art...not to mention the vices work, in case you really want to squeeeeeeze those books together!

I have a pair and they have converted the top of my fridge into a pretty little bookshelf for all of those amazing cookbooks I have that I rarely crack open now that I have no time on my hands...I say as the microwave beeps and calls, "your frozen tamales are now piping hot and ready to be consumed!" (If my cookbooks could grumble and protest, they would be doing that right about now.)

But I digress...

If you're unsure of picking out the right book for your friend or you can't quite recall which books they picked up on their last trip to the local bookstore, then go with this gift. As long as they have a free surface, you've now allowed them a way to prop up their books in the most interior-design-approved way.

High-five, gift-giver! Don't forget to give your giftee a big ol' vice-like hug when you give 'em this present as a foreshadowing of the great reveal.

Over $100

Kindle Paperwhite e-Reader (Get it here.)

So, I'm generally not a fan of e-readers because I like the weight of a big 'ol book...that is, of course, until I'm dragging my carry-on onto the plane and hoping my novel isn't crushing my laptop to bits as I jam my bag under the seat in front of me.

Now's the part where you ask me why I chose this reading tablet in particular. Well, this is a no-nonsense e-reader with newer technology at a great price. A few things you can expect?

  • There's no screen glare
  • It's the perfect Goldilocks good. Not too big, not too small. Juuuuust right.
  • It's 30% lighter than the iPad (sorry, Apple, but I've got tiny, glass-like wrists...and have you ever had an iPad collapse forward on your chest when you nod off while reading? Not pleasant.)
  • A battery that lasts weeks
  • A built-in light so you don't have to strain your eyes (and you can read in bed in the pitch darkness without bothering your bedmate.)
  • A faster processor than it's earlier brethren
  • New touch technology - it's more a good way
  • Page flip tech which means you can flip around pages, chapters or to the end of the book without losing your place
  • Smart Look-Up let's you get reference information in a snap
  • A Vocab Builder that allows you to save words you've looked up
And more...I won't bore you with more details. You can check it out in the link above.

So, this would be the pièce de résistance of e-readers for the price you pay and assuming your literary friend or family members is, in fact, an avid reader, they'll love how much literature they can access with this little guy and how easy it is to breeze through hundreds of books without having to wait for anything to show up in the mail or going to the bookstore.

So, let's make a toast to our bookish buddies! And let's make a second toast to how much joy you'll be bringing them this holiday season!

You: 1 - Everyone Else Who Gave Them a Gift: 0
Have I mentioned what a great gift-giver you are?

Stay tuned for An Enthusiastic Holiday Gift Guide (Part 4): For the Techie tomorrow! xo!

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