An Enthusiastic Holiday Gift Guide (Part 4): For the Techie

Guess what? Day four of my holiday gift guide is here! You know what that means? 4 days less to get your holiday shopping done. I know, I know. "Why did you have to remind me, Nami?!" Sorry about that, but don't panic. With the magic of the Internet and online shopping, you're still in the green.

You likely have at least one of these people in your group of friends if not all of them. So, what do we get for...(drumroll)...THE TECHIE!

That's right. The friend or family member we call when our laptop decides to conk out on us. The same person that asks, "is it plugged in?" and "have you tried restarting it?" and the panacea of all browser functions - "clear the cache and try again!" Our technological lives would be mere shadows of what they actually are if not for their existence, so it's time to say thanks to them and show them that you care.

But not all of us are super tech-savvy and instead of pretending that we are, here are some nice little gifts to give that won't make them scoff and ones they just might actually use!

Find links to these items below!

Under $25

"Love" Gloves (Get it here.)

Give your female tech friends (and fashionably daring male tech dudes oozing with sartorial confidence) something doubly useful! These Love Gloves won't just convey your fondness for them, but will also allow them to use their touch-sensitive tech in the middle of Siberia.

I used to think touch gloves were dumb, but I think it had more to do with the bad fashion that usually came with them. Now, you have ones like these. You can't see from the image, but when you put your hands side-by-side, the white creates a big ol' heart which could be construed as "I love my hands" or "I love YOU" or "I love tech" or "don't make me put my hands side-by-side right now because I'm busy trying to restart your iPhone that you broke do you keep breaking this thing?!"

Whatever the case, help them keep their most prized possessions from becoming frost bitten. A techie with unusable fingers is a tragedy. Take part in the movement to keep techie hands alive and well while steering them away from bad fashion choices!

$25 - $50

Bracer of Battery Life +2 (That's a gaming joke, by they way) (Get it here.)

"You had me at 'Bracer'" what I thought when I found this little treasure. As a gamer, any sort of nod to RPG gaming and magic equipment gets my heart fluttering. For those of you who are unaware of what I'm talking about, no worries. You can just chalk it up to "Nami really likes the name of this gift for some reason."

So, techies use tech. They use tech ALL THE TIME and sometimes said tech needs some juice, but the world isn't designed with charging stations on every street corner (though I'm sure that day will come in no time.) This is where this gift comes into play.

Behold this bracelet that can charge various mobile tech devices! Long road trip? Stuck at a tech event with no time to slow down and charge back up? Mom decide to tell you her life story when you have 2% battery life left? Woke up in an abandoned warehouse and not sure where you are with 1% battery life and a serious need to use your map app?

Fear not! Thanks to this bracelet (with a ton of different connectors and the ability to charge off your laptop), you're saving your tech friend from a world of inconvenience. It also helps that it looks futuristic and cyborgy. Initiate them into the future of convenience, gift-giver. They'll thank you later.

$50 - $100

Jack Spade Waxwear 13-Inch Slip (Get it here.)

Do you question your techie friend's choice of tech accessories? Do oddly bright colors in seemingly mismatched combinations make you cringe ever so slightly? Do you feel like he or she could step it up a bit? I mean, when it comes down to it, tech is just another thing you can accessorize, so why not go with a classy slip like this one?

At 13 inches, it will likely house at least once piece of their equipment and make them look extra classy when they pull it out wherever they are. Not to mention, with the rough & tumble lifestyle of various technological wares, the waxed canvas (originally created as sailcloth) is incredibly durable, but also looks better with age. Scuffs, scratches...all of it will just make them look more traveled...and wise...and cool as a mac pro's breakthrough single fan cools its newly designed thermal core.

Black tech suede adds to the ease of sliding their tech back into the slip too, making this accessory super useful and a timeless little gift that won't visually offend even the most snobbish of fashionistas.

Over $100

Apple Macintosh 128K 1986 Framed Art Piece (Get it here.)

Show me a techie whose heart won't be moved by this beautiful piece of art and I'll show you someone who just might be faking it. Old school tech carries such sentimental weight for so many techies out there and this beautifully framed technical drawing of a 1986 Mac is sure to stir memories of the first time they laid eyes on that bulky, grey box of computerized magic oh so long ago.

If they weren't born before 1986, they'll still appreciate it as artistic proof of the bygone era of computers the size of houses and take solace in the evolution of technology as a whole. A perfect gift for the Mac-using techie in need of a little interior design magic, this gift will spruce up even the most drab offices and add a touch of pizzazz...because we all need pizzazz.

So, rejoice, techies of the world and friends of techies!

If the gift-givers in your life follows these simple instructions, you just might get something you can use. And, givers, you no longer have to be afraid of giving your technologically savvy friends something that won't be met with a "oh, that's...neat" and a pat on the back with the requisite "thanks, bud."

Stay tuned for An Enthusiastic Holiday Gift Guide (Part 5): For the Homebody tomorrow! xo!

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