The Triple Threat (3 Lipstick Shades for EVERYTHING)

There was a point in my life where I literally was carrying around 10 different lip colors. My poor bag was lopsided from the weight of tubes of lipstick, lipgloss, and pots of tinted lip balm. Not to mention my right arm was looking a little beefier than my left. No bueno.

I finally took a stand (read: cleaned out my bag) and realized that 3 shades were all I needed to get through ANY situation. I think the normal number is two, but I'm schizophrenic about my lip color throughout the day and you never know when you might get a last minute call for a meeting, coffee with someone important, or get caught on the street by a photog. (That only happens at fashion week...and, to be honest, I think it's because I always have epic hair thanks to the TRESemmé stylists...but I'm digressing.) Ok, let's just say "you never know when you might see a cute dude you wanna impress. (For all the single ladies. Don't worry, Charlesband. I'm not trying to impress dudes...anyway, my resting bitch face does the trick when it comes to scaring any prospective men away. I bet you think I'm kidding.)

Ok, so here's the deal. Here are the three shades every girl needs in her purse:

Pink, red, wine. Boom. Done.

Pink is perfect for your more casual days...wind-swept hair, a light jacket, a big ol' scarf, and perfectly imperfect bedhead. Throw on some blush, give yourself a swipe of pale pink and head out the door. Easy. It's a little sweet, a little romantic, a little coquettish, and about the easiest color you could ever wear...kinda like your natural lip color with a little something extra. Bonus: you don't need a mirror to put it on. It's so pale, no one will notice if you play a little outside the lines (or have shaky hands after drinking a latte. Hey, I'm sensitive to caffeine sometimes, ok?)

Next! Red is the perfect "I may or may not have gotten enough sleep last night, but I'm committed to looking put-together" shade. The quest for the perfect red can be long, but once you find it, you'll never look back. NOTHING brightens up a face like a red lip...and you can elevate any outfit, casual or classy, by throwing a red lipstick on. You are are awake...keeping telling yourself that because no one else is questioning it.

And last but certainly not least. Wine hues. Oh, these hues are on the scene right now. Totally on-trend, but also timeless. Welcome to the no-nonsense version of yourself. A woman with a wine-hued lip doesn't mess around. A little mysterious, a little aloof perhaps, and a touch of edge without going straight-up goth. Honestly, it makes me feel a little Dragon Lady-esque, but with simple hair and neutral clothing, you can go uber-modern with little effort.

So, clean out your bag, ladies. Time to cut down on the lipstick tubes and pick your perfect triple threat...and if you're someone who only carries one tube at a time...well, congrats on finding your perfect hue and having a lighter bag. I envy you! xo!

A Note About the Lipstick: From left to right - Mac CremeSheen (Creme Cup), Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope (Private Party), YSL Rouge Volupté Shine (Violet Incognito)

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