Sunday Styles no. 47

No winter would be complete without a big ol' sweater, am I right? So, this Sunday I'm celebrating the lower temps (this is relative, I realize, since it's in the 50's & 60's here in LA...perfect sweater weather) with my new favorite sweater.

Behold, my off-white, super cozy turtleneck! (Or is it a cowl neck? I mean, how big does it have to be before it's considered a cowl & not a turtle?)

Anyway, this has been my most recent go-to on those chillier mornings and goes with EVERYTHING. Not only that, but it also has a more modern cut with shorter sleeves, which I absolutely adore and fits under most of my jackets without too much bunching - score. Another added bonus? NOT ITCHY. Thank goodness.

I can't tell you the number of times I've abandoned near-perfect sweaters because the itch factor was too great. I mean, I get it. Wool keeps you warm...and wool is, for the most part, itchy...but when temps drop in this town and the already-dry air gets even drier, the last thing my skin needs is an additional itch factor. I'd just be a scaly mess.

I seriously wish I could wear this sweater everyday till it gets warm out again...and maybe I do wear it two days in a row sometimes. (Not like anyone's noticing. I work from home most of the time anyway...and you just have to make sure you don't see the same people the second day, right? Sneaky, I know.)

So, that's the latest! Charlesband and I are going to spend this Sunday hunkering down on the couch to watch documentaries between work projects and creative endeavors. (Did I mention this sweater is also perfect for snuggling?)

I'm sure we'll go outside to get some sun at some point too (did someone say "soup dumplings at the newly opened Din Tai Fung right by us...that we already went to yesterday for soup dumplings?"...I'm pretty sure someone said it. Possibly me. Possibly Charlesband. Most likely both of us.) Definitely suffering a lack of vitamin D...gotta get out while the sun's still out!

Hope you all have the most fantastic Sunday! xo!

A Note About the Clothes: Madewell Funnelneck Sweater, Gap 1969 Legging Jeans (black), G.H. Bass Original Weejun Loafers (Black), Warby Parker Larkin Frames (Oakwood Brown)

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