Quote of the Week: Thank You

Well, it's nice to have a reminder once a year to sit down and reflect on all that you're thankful for (while stuffing your face with all kinds of delicousness) look back on the past year and say, "Oh, yeah. Couldn't have done this without Mr. X and I'm so glad I met Miss Y."

So, what am I thankful for?

CHARLESBAND (The Husband Named Charles)...
Has dealt with all of my various issues, hardships, victories...he's put up with my incessant traveling, taken me to get soup dumplings and burgers on a whim. He's given me sound fashion advice and has played therapist on numerous occasions when I've been near meltdown (usually for no apparent reason.) Another year of marriage and I'm happy to report that he's even more amazing than the year before...despite me thinking that wasn't possible.

He's also pretty cute, so that helps.

Ok. Are you done gagging? Cool.

MR. MERLIN (The Beloved Dog with His Own Internet Fanbase)...
Has kept me company every single day since I got him. He's alerted me to deliveries, curled up on my lap at completely inconvenient times, assisted in keeping me calm during turbulence on fights, and held out tennis balls to me when I've had my hands full with things. I couldn't have asked for a better pup.

Who lives on the east coast, but manages to stay in touch through various channels including Instagram (my father-in-law is really great about keeping up with my Merlin photos!) Phone calls, emails (like the one I got the other day notifying me that my niece would be trying her best to get front row at a One Direction show on Good Morning America), and text messages about everything, nothing, or something.

They give me a place to stay when I travel back east, make sure I'm warm enough, that I'm taking my scarf with me...My mother will ask me if I'm wearing my hair "like that"...all the honest, but wonderful things that families do. They've really taken the unconditional love thing to a whole new level...because, really, what do I have to offer them these days? A good laugh and someone to talk to. Wish I could give all of them hugs every single day!

In addition, I'm gaining a sister-in-law this December! Nina!!! My brother's fiancée will officially be related to me in less than a month and I'm really excited. We've seen each other go through some rough patches and had it not been for her and my bro giving me refuge during a particularly rough relationship oh-so long ago, I may have never survived. So, cheers to more family!

Who I don't get to see enough!

I realized as I've gotten older how much I've trimmed down my social group. I have acquaintances, sure, but life is busy and you have to figure out who you want to spend your very precious time with. Lucky for me, I've pulled together an amazing group of friends out here who have not only been a great support system, but hands-down the best company a gal could ask for.

Gimme a latte, a cookie, and an afternoon with one of my friends and I'm peachy.

Dear readers.

Seriously, there are times I sit and think, "who am I really writing this to? Hello? Is this thing on? Is anyone listening?" And then I see the numbers and realize someone, somewhere is reading what I write and I'm incredibly grateful...that and I really hope I'm writing things that give your life some sort of value.

So, thank you. Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for being part of my life. Hope you're spending today with loved ones being thankful for what you have, getting excited for where you're heading, and eating delicious food. Love from Merlin, Charlesband, and your neighborhood (if the Internet was a really big neighborhood) Life Enthusiast. xo!

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