I'm Enthusiastic About: Soap & Glory's "A Great Kisser" (Lip Balm)

My Los Angeles. One word: Dry.
Ok, scratch that. Two words: Sahara Desert.

A few factors aside from the complete lack of humidity here...
  • I've gotten bad about drinking enough water (with shorter days, I've been relying much more on coffee - I know, I'm horrible)
  • Charlesband enjoys running the fan at night which is basically like being in a plane all night long (our newly purchased humidifier has helped some)
  • Lastly...I didn't have the proper lip balm.
Cut to me at the local Sephora a few weeks back, looking for a pot of lip saving goodness. So many options and so little time! Lucky for me, one of the helpful staff members approached me and asked if I needed help. When I mentioned I was looking for a good lip balm, her eyes lit up.

She spun around and grabbed Soap & Glory's "A Great Kisser" and noted a few key points:
  • No white residue
  • Shea, Apricot & Mango butter for super moisturizing
  • Pretty pink sheen
  • Luxurious vanilla scent
I was game. Hey, lip balm is something I'm much more willing to experiment, I went ahead and got myself a pot.

What can I say? I'm IN LOVE. SUPER moisturizing! And, I didn't realize what a big deal the lack of white residue was until I started using this. My lips are plumper, there's a significant minimizing of lip lines (I refuse to call them wrinkles), and my lipstick goes on SO smoothly now, I've stopped worrying about weird lipstick caking and flaking. 

Seriously, people. Even the most matte lipsticks look gorgeous.

I slap this on whenever my lips feel a little parched and they look glorious afterwards! One mild downer is the fact that it's a little sticky. Almost like a lip gloss finish, which means if you step out on a windy/breezy day, you will get hair stuck to your mouth. So, keep that in mind.

I'm especially enthusiastic about packing it on at night before bed for a perfect pucker in the morning.

So, make the small investment next time you run out of lip balm. Totally worth it. You can find it here. Cheers to your gorgeous pout! xo!

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