Brain Food: Blue is the Warmest Color

It's been a while since I sat through a 3 hour movie. These days, unfortunately, I go in with a cynical point of view...something between "am I going to waste 3 hours of my life right now?" and "should I be doing laundry and writing another blogpost instead?"

I know. SUCH a cynic. I need to lighten up a little.

So, with all the hullabaloo (yes, I just used that word) around it, I figured it was time for me to unplug from work and go see Blue is the Warmest Color (a.k.a La Vie d'Adèle - Chapitres 1 & 2.) A few reasons for my initial decision:
  • French movies rarely let me down
  • Excuse to hang out with my closest French guy friend and watch him get uncomfortable & blush (even though I won't be able to see it in the dimmed theater)
  • It stars Léa Seydoux who I have an immense girl crush on
  • Reviews were calling it one of the best love stories of all time
  • Also, hello, it won the Palme d'Or at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival - the likelihood of it being a made-for-TV movie? 0%.
Well, what can I say. It didn't feel like 3 hours at all. In fact, I was completely mesmerized by the entire thing. The feelings of confusion from my youth came flooding back to me...because, in the end, though people keep going on and on about how it's about lesbians, really what it's about is love, lust, obsession, dependency, growth, revelation, loss, being lost, and the journey to find yourself.

It could have easily been about a man and a woman or a man and a man.

Additionally, this movie was based off of an award-winning French graphic novel from 2010 titled "Le Bleu est une couleur chaude." And that graphic novel was about a lesbian relationship. Naturally, no one wanted to change the gender of the characters for the film. It would have taken away from the overall story.

So, back to the movie itself. Is it worth seeing? Absolutely. If ever you were a youth in love, you will be able to relate. If ever you experienced that moment of sexual revelation, you will be able to connect. If you've ever felt an intoxicating connection to another human being, it's like taking a walk down memory lane.

The moments in between are what makes this film so captivating. It captures those fleeting glances, those times you wished (while they were happening) would never end...those same moments that you might, unfortunately, forget. There is nothing overly dramatic about these women falling in love. There is everything real about it. I felt my heart race, my heart break, my heart was beautiful. I just can't get over what amazing actresses they were and how they were able to convey so much emotion through just a smile.

Be warned, the sex scenes are very real. There is no soft lighting. No background music to cover up the very human, carnal sounds. No overly-made-up faces, no fancy bedding, no slow, languid, "we're making looooove" stuff here. You're watching a young woman's innocence juxtaposed with an older woman's experience. You're also watching something truly moving.

Here's the trailer, if you're interested...

So, if you can handle the heat, go get in the kitchen and take 3 hours out of your day to go see this movie. If you've already seen it, I'd love to hear what you thought! xo!

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