Quote of the Week: Slow Down

I'm overworking again. Surprise...but the good news? I've made a new rule for myself.
I am forcing myself to take my pup on a 1 hour walk at least 3 times during the work week and once on the weekend with Charlesband.

After trying it once last week, I realized that it's not only great for Mr. Merlin (who's been looking a little thick these days - resulting in his head resembling a little bean stuck to a barrel), but it guarantees me a few quiet moments to myself each week.

No coffee with friends (no offense to my friends, I love you guys), no emails to check, no articles to read...I've had to leave my phone in the car to keep myself from calling my Mom or best friend to see what they're up's just me and Merl and a whole lot of outdoors to take in. The weather is cooling down (only slightly - that walk in 84 degree weather two days ago was a little rough on us) and the air is feeling crisper. It's the right time.

I know. I should probably be going to the gym or something, but I'll be honest. I hate going to the gym. As much as the thought of pumping iron with people or scurrying along on a path that leads to nowhere (poetic treadmill description) makes my heartbeat quicken with excitement (it doesn't), I would gladly replace that with a lazy, loungey afternoon with a book.

I know what you're thinking. "What kind of Angeleno are you?" Yep, my Instagram feed has no "off to the gym" cute workout outfit photos. My Twitter has never heard the common "great work out at [insert brand name gym chain here]!" Nope.

The occasion romp to Heartbeat House for a dance session or a ballroom dancing class with Charlesband make-up my outside exercise attempts. I thoroughly vacuum the house to get exercise mostly...but now I have my walks too. Easy on the knees, easy on the eyes, good for the soul...I sound like a 90 year old.

But I digress.

It all comes down to slowing down a little bit. This is my very honest attempt at scaling back my "let me see how many things I can get done in a single day" attitude. Instead of having a contest with myself each day (ok, full work day, grocery shopping, clean the apt, write a blog post, walk the dog, do the dishes, arrange the flowers, and give the dog a flea bath - that was Tuesday), I'm going to really make an effort to veg a little more. (These long, meandering walks also count as vegging...a mildly active kind of veg...kinda like when I sit on the couch and play 10 levels of Candy Crush - brains need exercise too.)

So, to all of you who are really just woodland creatures dressed in human skin, take a break...slow it down. Give yourself a quiet moment and you just might relax for a hot second. xo!

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